Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kingdom Principles

The natural kingdoms of this world are based on:
Military might.
Economics to pay for the military.
A basic phalosaphy of life permeates from their

In the natural authority with guns allows people to
opporate in the natural kingdom they are in.

God's kingdom also has foundations but they are not
the same as in the natural.

1st Salvation allows a person to see into the kingdom.
John 3:3 Believing gives us the right to be the son of
God John 1:12

2nd Salvation changes our heart therefore we love. Love
is the proof that we are flowing in the kingdom of God.
John 13:34,35

3rd reconizing the love that is there and then by faith
flowing in the Spirit of God. To opporate in the Kingdom
of God is to oporate in faith.

There are 2 stories brought to my attention by church
this morning. Jonah and the Prodigal son. Both were
uncooperative people that went against the Lord. Jonah was
bitter or unwilling to follow God. Later when he did
follow the Lord his heart was not in it.

The older brother of the Prodigal son also was obedient
son but his heart was not right. He was bitter or
resentful of his younger brother getting a
party/celebration when he returned.

The question I have is how can a person guard against
this bad attitude. When they see others that should be
punished but get rewarded instead.

The kingdom of God does not opperate on self
righteousness. It works when people have a broken and yielded heart towards God.
If we aren't rejoicing when a sinner repents there is
something drasticly wrong.

Pray for a soft heart by praying for the repentant sinner to have a blessed life. If we don't get this right our ability to have faith is cut off. Mark 11:25,26