Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fear God Not Man

Proverbs 29:25 The Fear of Man Brings a Snare
Gen 12:11-13 Abraham feared Egypt would kill him for his wife
Gen 20:2,11 Abraham feared Abimelech king of Gerar would kill him for his wife.
Gen 26:7 Isaac feared Abimelech king of Gerar that he would kill him for his wife Rebecca
Ex 32:22-24 Aaron made gold calf for fear of the people.
1 Sam 15:24 Saul kept things under ban because of fear of the people.
1 Sma 27:1,11 David killed many for fear of Philistines.
1 Kings 19:3 Elijah flees Jezebel for fear of his life.
Isaiah 57:11 People worry and are fearful so lie, do not remember God.
Matt 10:28 Do not fear those who kill the body but unable to kill the soul but ather fear Him who is able to destroy both body and soul in hell.
Matt 15:12-14 don't be concerned what religious people say
Matt 26:69-74 Peters's denials at Christ's time before the crusifiction.
John 3:2 Nicodemes was afraid of cohorts, so came to Jesus at night.
John 9:22 Parents of former blind man lied to not be thrown out of synagogue.
John 12:42 Many even rulers believed, but would not confess Christ because of fear of being thrown out of synagogue.
John 19:12,13 Pilate did not release Jesus for fear of mob.
Gal 2:11-13 Cephas withdrew from Greeks for fear of Jews.
2 Tim 4:16,17 All deserted Paul but the Lord stood with him.
Gal 1:10 you can't please God and man at the same time.

Read through Hebrews 11 and ask what these people would have done if instead of having faith in God they feared man. If we fear man our faith in God is stopped.

Many times the opposite action of faith is to act in fear.
The opposite thought to faith is unbelief.

So let us not be those who want to save our life and fear man. Let us give our life to Jesus and fear Him.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hold Fast to Hope

Heb 10:23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for He who promised is faithful.

Holding fast our confession allows us to dwell with Christ and to partake of Christ. So confession ties in with abiding of John 15:7. We can hold fast because Jesus is our High Priest in heaven. Confession is part of living by faith.

Partaking with Christ causes us to be assured of His promise to us. Our confession of faith flows from our belief. Our obedience in confessing the gospel, to many, glorifies God.

Heb 3:6 Christ was faithful as a Son over His house, whose house we are if we hold fast our confidence and boast of hope firm until end.
Heb 3:14 For we have become partakers of Christ if we hold fast the beginning of our assurance firm until the end.
Hebrews 4:14 Since Jesus is our High Priest in heaven, let us hold fast our confession.
Revelation 3:11 Jesus is coming quickly, hold fast what you have so that no one will take your crown.
Romans 11:22 Kindness and severity of God, to those who fell severity, but to you God's kindness otherwise you will also be cut off.
Hebrews 3:1 Jesus is the apostle and High Priest of our confession
2 Cor. 9:13 The will glorify God for your obedience to your confession of the gospel.
1 Tim 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith, take hold of eternal life to which you were called and you made the good confession to many.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Faith is Kept

2 Timothy 4:7
Through many trials and disappointment there would be reasons to chuck our faith in Christ. But these reasons would not be good reasons. Many though give up on Christ, because life does not go as they wish.

    Jesus did not come to have a good life, He came to rescue us (Mark 10:45) from the wrath to come (1 Thes. 1:10) He came with a purpose.
    In the same way we do not keep faith by focusing on ourselves, but we focus on following Jesus.

    Keep our eyes on Him and live for His purpose, as Jesus lived for the purpose of the Father. John 7:16

2 Tim 1:14 Guard through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us the treasure which has been entrusted to your.
Proverbs 23:23 Buy truth and do not sell it, get wisdom and instruction and understanding.
Luke 8:15 Seed in the good soil, these are the ones who have heard the word in an honest and good heart, and hold it fast and bear fruit with perseverance.
1 Tim 6:20 guard what has been entrusted to you, avoiding worldly and empty chatter and the opposing arguments of what is falsely called knowledge.
Rev 3:8 "I know your deeds. Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power and have not denied My name."
Rev 3:10 "Because you have kept the word of My perseverance. I also will keep you from the hour of testing, . . ."

Let the Holy Spirit show us what would come against our faith. And guard against that. Buy truth by spending time studying and learning the Bible as it's taught by the Holy Spirit. Keep at your works of faith with perseverance. Stay away from worldly and empty chatter which is counter productive. Persevere in keeping the Lord's word to you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Jesus the Promises are yes and Amen

2 Corinthians 1:20 For as many as are the promises of God, in Him they are yes; therefore also through Him is our Amen to the glory of God through us.

Don't neglect prayer. Sometimes I go through my day

and neglect prayer. Yet it is prayer that brings

the promises to life. Jesus answers prayer. Prayer

is talking to God

In Him = abiding. To abide in Jesus is to let the

Word of God richly dwell within. Col 3:16 And to

abide is also to do the Word of God. But it's not

doing it before abiding. It is doing it because of


Just as Jesus did as the Father led, so we can

follow as Jesus leads.

Then we can say with assurance "so be it", to the


The context of this verse is instructive.
v 19 the word of God is yes, it is ture.
v21,22 we are established in Christ
we are anointed by the Father
we are sealed by the Holy Spirit.

It is in unity with God, (includes the Father, Son

and Holy Spirit), that God's promises will come


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fight for Faith

1 Tim 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith.
1 Cor 9:24-27 Competing to win the prize
Our goal is to win
we are to compete
exercise self control and train
have an aim.
Don't fight aimlessly. Have an opponent
Train your body.
Don't serve your body, train your body to serve you.
Phil 1:30 Experiencing the same conflict which you saw in me, and now hear to be in me.
1 Tim 1:18 by the prophecies previously made we fight the good fight.
2 Tim 4:7 "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith;"

the fight is in my mind. Am I gong to believe God and His word or am I going to back down in fear? From this fight I reach out in works for God. Works from faith is righteousness. Works to please man is religious.

I win the fight in my mind through prayer, Bible meditation and Bible study.

1 Peter 2:11
"Beloved, I urge you as aliens and strangers to abstain from fleshly lusts which wage war against the soul."
We war against fleshly lusts which war against us.

Who and What do I fight? The world, the flesh and the devil.
When do I fight? All the time.
Why do I fight? To live for Jesus. To live a righteous life. To live in the spirit and not the flesh.
How do I fight? with my mind also through prayer, Bible meditation, and Bible study.

We fight by using the shield of faith.
We fight by standing. Which is accepting the promises of God over circumstances.

Not all we do is a fight. So the many things in the Christian life are not all fighting. For instance, I am not fighting when I am resting in God's presence.

The fight is when there is opposition to what I am doing. Faith is a promise that is not realized in the flesh currently. So the fight is to get it there, or to believe till it comes.

Solider - defense and offense
farmer - planting watering and waiting
athlete - training, competing, winning

Take hold of eternal life
Living in the kingdom of God and not just in this earth. Colosians 1:13 The fight to get beyond the flesh to the Spirit of God. Take hold is acting on the promises.

Humility in fighting. God normally flips everything upside down weakness is strength, the poor are the ones rich in faith, he who loses his life for Christ's sake will save it etc.

Much of the fight is in the mind.

Stand using the armor
Stand believing the promises of God

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Faith grows as we serve without considering ourselves.

Luke 17:6-10
Faith grows as we serve without considering ourselves. As a slave is doing what was commanded there should be no special reward.

It is like being appreciated for putting socks in the drawer. We should do things because that is what we are supposed to be doing. It should be a matter of course.

1 Cron 29:14-16 Who are we, we are nothing, to offer to God what He has supplied for us to give.
Job 22:2,3 Does God get anything from our ability
Job 35:6,7 What does our righteousness or sin do for God or against God.
Psalm 16:2,3 I have no good besides God.
Matt 25:37-40 Serving the needy without making note of how important it is.
1 Peter 5:5 Have the attitude that God will exalt us in due time.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Faith is Now

Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."
Faith is Now
It's not put off till some other time.
Faith is now or its not at all.

Heb 4:11 diligent to enter rest, and not disobey and fall.
Heb 2:1 Pay closer attention to what you have heard to, and not drift away.
Heb 12:15 No one come short of the grace. No root of bitterness defiles
Heb 12:25 Don't refuse Him who is speaking, you won't get away with it.

If there is an action to go with faith, faith will act.

Today is the day of salvation. You can't have faith for salvation and not receive Christ as your savior. If you have faith you will be saved. Today is the day of salvation 2 Cor. 6:2

Monday, November 29, 2010

Praising God Defeats Unbelief

Rom 4:20,21 "yet, with respect to the promise of God, he did not waver in unbelief but grew strong in faith, giving glory to God,and being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform.
Belief is a decision and praise chases the feeling of doubt away making it easier to believe.

We enter the presence of God through praise.

Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

Psalm 34:1 A decision to bless the Lord and praise Him. This praise allows the Spirit of God to flow.

Praise can be a decision to believe in Jesus and the deliverance He will bring that will counter worrying about the problem. Many times for me it will take a long time to overcome worry with praise.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shield of Faith

Faith does not consider a report against God's promise.
Eph 6:16 "in addition to all, taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one."

Deut 33:29 The Lord is the shield of your help
Ps 3:3 The Lord is a shield about me.
Ps 5:12 The Lord surround me with favor as with a shield
Ps 28:7 The Lord is my strength and my shield
Ps 119:114 You are my hiding place and my shield

We extinguish flaming arrows with the shield of faith.
A shield blocks.
How do we block flaming arrows? 2 Cor 10:3-5 explains.
1. Destroy speculations
2. Reject every thing that comes against the knowledge of God.
3. Reject every thought captive in obedience

So when a thought comes against a Scriptural promise it is rejected and instead the Scriptual promise is accepted.

Idle thoughts are put aside to allow communion with Christ.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

God Opens the Door of Faith

Acts 14:27
God opens the door of faith

1 Cor 16:9 A wide door for effective service has been opened to me and there are many adversaries.

2 Cor 2:12 A door was opened for Paul in the Lord.
Col 4:3 Pray for God to open a door for the word.
Psalm 24:4-10 is a prayer for the doors to be opened.

Rev 3:7,8 God is the one who opens and shuts doors.

The door is an opportunity, it takes faith to go through the door.
The works of faith are in the areas God opens to us.
Opposition is not a closed door, if you can continue to minister. 1 Cor. 16:9

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Faith is the Assurance of Things Hoped For

Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."
Faith is assured.
Hebrews 3:6 "But Christ was faithful as a Son over His house, whose house we are if we hold fast our confidence and the boast of our hope firm until the end."

Hebrews 3:14 "For we have become partakers of Christ, if we hold fast the beginning of our assurance firm until the end."

So assurance is confident and boasts of the hope firm until the end.

Rom 11:22 Continue in His kindness or you will be cut off.
1 Cor 15:2 Your are saved if you hold fast the word which I preached to you (if you don't hold fast) unless you believed in vain.

Quiet confidence, trusting in quietness
assured, faith rests instead of striving.
To be assured is t know without a doubt.
Assurance on sure foundation of Scripture. Let your mind be full of the Scripture of God.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How can you believe when you receive glory from one another?

John 5:44 "How can you believe when you receive glory from one another and you do not seek the glory that is from the one and only God."

Approval from others actually hinders our ability to believe! To seek that approval is to be crazy, if you want to be a person of faith.

Live for the approval of God not others. Daily look for His guidance and direction. When we receive glory from God we have what we need. When we receive glory from others, we have to shake it off before we can move forward in faith.

John 12:43 loved approval of men instead of God.

Romans 8:7,8 mind set on flesh is hostle towards God.

1 Sam 2:30 God honors those who honor Him.

2 Cor 10:18 "For not he who commends himself is approved, but whom the Lord commends."
James 2:1 "My brethren, do not hold your faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ with an attitude of personal favoritism."

Galatians 1:10 "For am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I striving to please men? If I wre still trying to please men, I would not be a bond-servant of Christ."

John 5:41 Jesus does not receive glory from men.

So seek approval from God, and be careful when men approve of you.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Faith and Pride Can't Co-exixt

Hab 2:4 "Behold, as for the proud one, His soul is not right within him; but the righteous will live by his faith."

This Scripture contrasts pride with faith. We are not to look to ourselves but to Jesus.

Remember our ability comes from God and all good things are from the Father. James 1:17 Our wealth is a gift from God, Deut 8:18 and Jesus is the source of our life.

Job 40:11,12 Talks of bring the proud low.
Daniel 4:30-37 Nebuchadnezzaar lost his kingdom because of pride. After he gave God glory, his kingdom was restored to him.
Luke 18:14 Publican and pharisee. God is not impressed with our righteousness but with humility.
1 Peter 5:5 It is to our benefit to be subject to elders and be humble with others.
James 4:6 God is opposed to proud but grace to the humble

Faith is reliance on God, pride is reliance on yourself.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Your Faith will Be Tested

Judge 20:18-23 Does failure cause us to turn from God's will?

Deut 13:1-3 does the enemies success cause us to turn away?
We are being tested by God. Deut 13:3

Ps 11:5 The Lord tests the righteous and wicked.

Gen 22:1f God tested Abraham with Isaac.

Psalm 34:19 "Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all."

James 1:12 "Blessed is the man who preserves under trial, for once he has been approved he will recieve the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him."

Ex 20:20 thunder, lightening and smoke tested Isralites.

Deut 8:2,16 Wilderness was a testing of the heart; Mana was also a testing.

1 Cor 11:19 Factions allow those that are approved to become evident. So trials will allow those of true character to shine.

Luke 2:35 sword will pierce your soul revealing hearts thoughts.

2 Cor 13:5-7 Test yourself to see if you are in the faith.

John 6:6 Jesus tested Philip asking where to buy bread to feed the 5000

Ex 15:25 Here is an interesting verse that has a lot of meaning.
1) Water represents the teachings of Jesus.
2) The tree is a type of the cross of Christ. We must have the cross of Christ in our life to be able to receive the teachings of Jesus.
3) With the cross in our life the teachings of Jesus are sweet. Without the cross in our life the teachings of Jesus are bitter. The cross is the sufferings that go along with serving Christ.
2 Chron 32:31 God left him alone to test him, that He might know all that was in his heart.

Faith trusts God and does not consider circumstances or the report of the world. Faith does not listen to reasoning against the Scriptures. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

The problems/tests will increase our faith/patience as we continue to look to Jesus. Why? Because we are looking at what Jesus said and trust His faithfulness and do not consider the current circumstances.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jesus is the Finisher of our Faith

Jesus is the Finisher of our Faith Heb 12:2
Heb 7:19 Jesus brings a better hope than the law. The law was a type that pointed to Christ. Jesus fulfilled the law and gave us a better covenant.

Heb 10:14 We the sanctified, are perfected by Jesus' offering.

Ps 138:8 The Lord will accomplish what concerns me.

Phil 1:6 Jesus will perfect the work He started.

Psalm 57:2 I will cry to God most High, to God who accomplishes all things for me.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Faith Prepares for the Future

Faith prepares for the future. Noah Genesis 6:13-22
Noah built an arch when God told him of a flood.  Noah worked many years to prepare for this event. The boat was about 450' buy 75'. A lot of trees needed to be cut and hauled to the site, milled into boards and cut to size. As long as it took it seems like Noah would have had time to  plant trees to grow and be cut latter, when they had grown to a mature size. This preparation was a work of faith.

Our work at the direction of the Lord will be a work of faith in what God will do for us.

We are to number our days to apply our heart to wisdom. Ps 90:12

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jesus is the Author of Our Faith.

Hebrews 12:2
Jesus is the author of our faith.
The Bible was written by Jesus. It is as real to our heart today, as it was when it was written. Matt 4:4 and Heb 4:12

Hebrews 2:10 Jesus is the author of our salvation through sufferings. He is the one who brings all things.
Mark 9:24  I do believe, help my unbelief
Luke 17:5 the apostles said to the Lord, "Increase our faith."
Acts 5:31 Jesus grants repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins.
Rev 1:8 Jesus is the Alpha and omega
Rev 1:17 Jesus is the first and the last.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Looking To Jesus Builds Faith

Look to Jesus Hebrews 12:2; Numbers 21:6-9
I look to Jesus when I go through my day. Prov 3:5,6
I look to Jesus to sustain me when I am weak Ps 72:12-14
I look to Jesus to move even when I don't deserve to have Him move. 1 Cor 15:9
I look to Jesus because of who He is not what I deserve Jn 1:14
I look to Jesus because of the power that flows from His throne Col 2:10 Heb 4:16
I look to Jesus because the vision for the future come from Him. Hab 2:2
I look to Jesus because life flows from Him. Jn 4:14
I look to Jesus because with Him I get to my destination Jn 6:21
I look to Jesus because He saves me from the penalty of my sin Rom 6:23
I look to Jesus because He wants to be my friend. Jn 15:15
I look to Jesus because He tells me what will come. Jn 15:15
I look to Jesus because He teaches me. Col 3:16
I look to Jesus for He sustains me. Ps 107:9
I look to Jesus because He heals me. Ps 107:20
I look to Jesus because He delivers me from my problems Ps 121:1,2
I look to Jesus because He is my savior. Jn 3:16

Thursday, November 4, 2010

He Did Not Answer Her a Word

Jesus did not answer her a word. Matt 15:23-28; Mark 7:24-30
Many would say that a no answer is an answer of no.

What does God want? Does He want obedience? Yes but He wants more than that. Does He want church attendance? Yes He wants us to gather together but He wants more than that. What does God want? From what I know of the Bible Hebrews 11:6 says that God is pleased with faith. Faith will not take a no answer or an answer that is not adequate as the final answer.

Jesus disciples tried to stop her, and Jesus testing her tried to put her off. Yet she was not put off.

What did the woman do that demonstrates this great faith?

Because of the love for her daughter, she sought an answer from Jesus.
When she hears of Jesus, she immediately comes to where Jesus was.
She calls out to Him as she approaches Him.
When she gets to Him, she falls at His feet and worships Him.
She does not let a lack of response from Jesus stop her.
She does not let the opposition of the religious leaders stop her.
She does not let the reasoning of Jesus stop her.
She does not let offense stop her.
She does not let a pre-planned method stop her.
She keeps asking until she gets the answer.
She didn't take a lack an answer as the final answer.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Poor are Rich in Faith

James 2:5 The poor are rich in faith.
Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of God. Luke 6:20
Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matt 5:3

Isaiah 14:32 Afflicted people seek refuge in Zion.
Isaiah 29:10 Afflicted and needy will increase their gladness in the Lord
Zeph 3:12 A humble and lowly people will take refuge in the name of the Lord.
Zech 11:11 Afflicted will know God's word.
Matt 11:5 Jesus preaches to the poor.
Luke 9:58 Even Jesus was homeless.
1 Cor 1:26 Not many mighty or noble were called.
2 Cor 8:9 Jesus became poor that we may be rich.

It's not that the rich can't have faith. It's just they think they don't need God. Rich feel they can take care of themselves.

The poor are needy. And faith is only possible if there is a need. Following the example of people of faith, gets me out of the self reliance mindset.

People of faith see their need for God and His provision. Self absorbed people don't consider God as viable for them.

Lord I am a needy person. I need you to come to my life and provide me with the living word.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Faith Understands Authority

Luke 7:1-10
Matt 8:5-10
The Centurion shows that faith understands authority.
"Just say the word and my servant will be healed."
Luke 4:36 With authority and power  Jesus commands the unclean spirits and they come out.

Joel 2:11 . . . For strong is he who carries out His word.
Micah 5:7-9 Action does not wait or delay for others

Authority and submission involves obedience and respect. If we obey and respect God, then we can ask with belief.

"Peace be with you; as the Father has sent Me, I also send you." John 20:21

Jesus was sent with authority and we have the same authority.

Matthew 28:18-20
All authority has been given to Jesus and He has commissioned us to be His spokesman in this life. We can go in that authority as we are under His authority. Faith is built as we live in obedience to Jesus.

Lord let me submit to your authority. I want to act in courage and trust that you will back up your instructions with power.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Faith Endures

Faith endures James 1:2-4
"Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials,
knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.
And let endurance have its perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."

Joy in trials is like saying, "make my day". The trial is the open door to more power.

It is not focusing on the trial but in Jesus who gives life to the dead and hope to the living. Jesus sustains us with a word.

It is the trial itself that gives rise to hope, Romans 5:3,4 which is the foundation of faith. So trials, encountered correctly, build faith.

All joy, speaks to the fact of a person chomping at the bit for a fight. IE the fight of faith 1 Timothy 6:12

Romans 5:3,4 knowing tribulation brings about perseverance.
2 Cor 4:17,18 affliction is not seen as important. Affliction produces glory as they look at what is not seen.
Heb 12:10,11` disciplined for holiness - yields peaceful fruit of righteousness
Romans 8'18 affliction /suffering come before glory
1 Peter 4:13 rejoice when suffering, revelation of God's glory is coming.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Prayer of Faith Stops Anxiousness

Phil 4:6,7 "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

 And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

Faith goes to God instead of being anxious.
Faith does not pass over a problem because of the drumbeat of production.
Faith prays with earnest/supplication and gives thanks.
-note: When all 3 of these are there (1 John 5:14,15) the answer is sure.

Don't let the western mindset of production and propriety short circuit you from getting an answer from God.

Set aside this time for prayer supplication and thanksgiving, to deal with what you are anxious about.
The answer may not come if you don't believe God will answer.  To continue to set aside time is of faith. But faith doesn't hide behind prayer, it goes with the answer.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Faith Needs Works

Faith needs works James 2:17 "Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself."

Hebrews 11:7 Noah
Noah built an arch in faith at God's direction. He was told of a flood coming when nobody had seen rain.

Hebrews 11:8
Abraham went to Cannan at God's direction not knowing what he would find there. He trusted God to provide and fulfill His promises.

Abraham gave Lot the best pasture. Abraham trusted God to provide for his livestock even with bad land. Gen 13:6-12

Abraham was willing to offer up his Son Isaac by God's direction. This was the ultimate test, and he passed. Abraham believed God would even raise the dead to keep His promise. Romans 4:17

Hebrews 11:20 Isaac blessed Jacob, believing in the power of the spoken word.

Hebrews 11:22 Joseph requested his bones be carried back to Israel, believing in God establishing His people in Israel.

11:23 Moses led Israel out of Egypt
Moses left Pharaoh to serve God
Moses did not fear Pharaoah when he returned.

Hebrews 11:30 Jericho's wall fell
God told the Israelites to march around Jericho for 6 days. And on the 7th day they marched around it 7 times. This was obedience of faith.

Hebrews 11:31 Rehab trusted God with red rope

Gideon attacked 100,000+ men with 300

Samson took on the Philistines alone

Jephthah led Gilead against Amon after Gilead had rejected him for being a bastard.

David fought a lion, bear and Goliath, but did not fight Saul. Sometimes faith fights and sometimes faith waits.

Elijah stopped rain by his word. Called down fire to consume the sacrifice. Killed 400 prophets of Baal. Lived in power.

Elisha believed for and received a double portion of Elijah's power.

Jeremiah had God's promise of protection. There were many efforts to kill Jeremiah but God was with him each time. Jeremiah did not shrink back from speaking the word of God.

Where would all these people be without these works? They would not have overcome. Thier problems would have stayed with them.

Activate your faith with the works of God.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Each of us has received faith.

Each of us has received faith. Romans 12:3
Faith is given at salvation.
We should live in faith and not wishful thinking or positive thinking. Faith is assured of the answer. Let us be people that walk in faith not concepts.

What do I do if I don't know my faith?
Start with what drives you. Start with what is your passion in life. Start with what comes from your times of prayer. You will grown in your knowledge of God's direction.

Respond to the faith you've been given and let it grow. Use it, pray for God to back it up. In Romans 12:2 it says to renew our mind in the word and prove the will of God. Prove the will of God by the faith you have been given through prayerfully working for God. We prove God's will by pushing through the obsticles set before us with prayer and works of faith. If we continue in God's will He will answer.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Speaking in the Life of Faith

Proverbs 18:20,21
"With the fruit of a man's mouth his stomach will be satisfied;  He will be satisfied with the product of his lips.
Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it will eat its fruit."

There are a lot of subjects in this scripture.
We get what we talk about.

What we talk about and love is what we get.
Eat its fruit means, just as what we eat becomes part of us so what we talk about becomes part of us.
Watch over what you talk about, because when you love what you talk about you will get it.

Fruit is a product of work and reproduces the same.
Fruit is a sign of maturity.
Talking is like the seed and fruit is the result of it. So be careful that you talk about the things that you want to come to pass.

Speech has strength.
affects others
affects yourself
affects the spirit realm.
Prayer is speech and with it we can effect God. Do not take what you say lightly.

If we don't watch our speech we will at least not be functioning with God. And at worst we will be working in cross purposes with Him.

My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord,
And all flesh shall bless His holy name forever and ever
Psalm 145:21

Speak in faith what God has told you. Testify of the goodness of God. Jesus brings to the Father what we talk about and what we pray for.  He is the high priest of our confession. Heb 3:1

When we hear from God, we can speak for God.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Faith Can't Coexist with a Double Mind

Faith can't coexist with a double mind James 1:6
"But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like a surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind."

Asking in faith is believing that what you ask for will be granted to you. If you doubt, you won't get anything. The tossing of the sea is not being able to decide what is from God and what isn't.

It is important to know what you are asking for is God's will. After that is discerned then pray with all you got for the answer.

Some people pray saying, "if it be Thy will." This is a mistake. We should know the will of God before we pray. Then pray. The Bible will show us the will of God.

I find the key to belief is trusting God to tell me if I am on the right tract or not. If I couldn't trust God to guide me then I would be paralized and unable to function.

So what do I do with doubt?
When I respond with doubt what faith I had is killed and my service to God is stopped.
If you have doubt, pray about it till you have the answer. Don't treat Christianity  like a to do list. Don't put off the life of the spirit because of opposition. Life with Jesus is life itself. Phil 4:6,7

If you have doubt get in the Word and pray over it. Stay in the Word till you have the answer one way or the other then act in faith.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Faith is Sown in Peace

Faith is sown in peace
James 3:18
To sow in peace is to do the work peacefully and not have strife or contention with the work. Often there is disagreement. The disagreement must be dealt with. We should be at peace with all, as much as we can.

When I don't deal with disagreement and continue the work for the Lord with contention in my heart, the spirit is quenched and I am not opporating in the Kingdom of God.

If you have faith you have peace for what would there be to worry about? Faith in God to bring to light the truth, not my own ability to cause truth to be known.

The words of Jesus give peace. Jn 16:33 The words also build faith so faith and peace go together. Sow from from the peace you have received from the word.

The word of God is a seed
A seed needs"
water  - Bible
Sun/warmth - love /Holy Spirit
soil/nutrients  - truth

When there is God's presence there is peace because we are cared for.

Peace can be an indication of God's will and direction. A lack of peace also may be an indication for a lack of yieldness.

Peace is an out work of knowing who we are in Christ.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Faith Works Through Love

Galatians 5:6 Faith works through love.
God is love and what He does for us is in love. We can know something is from God by the love God gives to us.

What if you don't have love for anything? 1 Peter 1:22 Get back in the word and pray over it letting it purify your heart. God's love will flow as you quiet yourself and hear Him.

Working for Jesus because of the love we have for Jesus and those we are helping will keep us going through the hard times of life.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Faith Comes by Hearing God's Word

Romans 10:17
Now faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
When we hear the words of God they bring hope to our hearts because of God's promise to us. This hope then turns into faith. That is why we should read the Bible, it will allow the Holy Spirit to speak to our heart and build faith.

The word of God is alive Heb 4:12

Psalm 12:6
"The words of the LORD are pure words;
As silver tried in a furnace on the earth, refined seven times."

Read, study, meditate , memorize, pray the word of God. Read it along with breakfast, lunch and supper. Read it at bed time. Read it for family devotions. Study what the Spirit brings to your mind. Study in more detail what your pastor teaches on Sunday morning. Let the Bible teach itself by checking the cross references of passages that interest you or you have questions about.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pray in Holy Spirit Builds Faith

Jude 20
"But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith praying in the Holy Spirit."

Here is the context of this verse.
v19 Contrast yourself from people of the flesh
v21 keep yourself in the love of God.

Pray under anointing of Holy Spirit.
Pray under influence of Holy Spirit - tongues
Praying in tongues, knowing you will be built up
Pray in tongues with attitude of worship.

Faith is built
Holy - faith is about God's purpose
v 16-19 don't:
find fault,
follow your lust
speak arrogantly
don't flatter
cause division
worldly minded
devoid of Spirit
instead remember the Scriptures

But (the first word of the verse) is a contrast of verses 16-19. The context is staying away from quenching the Spirit, so repent, pick up your cross, pray in the Holy Spirit allowing the Spirit to flow.

We flow with the Spirit as the love of God moves us.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Faith Prays and Keeps Praying Till it Gets the Answer

Luke 18:1-8 The story of the unjust judge.
1Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart,
2saying, "In a certain city there was a judge who did not fear God and did not respect man.
3"There was a widow in that city, and she kept coming to him, saying, 'Give me legal protection from my opponent.'
4"For a while he was unwilling; but afterward he said to himself, 'Even though I do not fear God nor respect man,
5yet because this widow bothers me, I will give her legal protection, otherwise by continually coming she will wear me out.'"
6And the Lord said, "Hear what the unrighteous judge said;
7now, will not God bring about justice for His elect who cry to Him day and night, and will He delay long over them?
8"I tell you that He will bring about justice for them quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?"

Pray at all times
Pray when you feel like it and when you don't feel like it. Pray in the day and at night. Pray at home and work. Pray

She kept coming to him
God wants us to be persistent. Not to give up. If we don't get the answer at first then we should try again. In fact faith will keep at it till the answer comes.

This widow bothers me.
To bother God is to bother ourselves with going to Him. Are we willing to spend time in prayer that is a bother? Do we really care about what we are asking for? We will only push through the trouble of praying if it is something we really care about and we believe the answer is possible with God.

continually coming
I look at this example along with Elijah. He kept after God till the answer started. Isaiah 62:6,7 also refers to giving God no rest. But it is not God we are not giving no rest to, it is ourselves. Are we willing to give ourselves no rest till the answer starts?

cray to him day and night
Many talk of the nice ways of Christianity. Yet in life there are trouble that is not good or pleasant. God asks for us to cry to Him. If we aren't crying, then there is no passion or caring for the problem at hand. And it is not just at our leisure but lack of leisure that will bring the answer.

Will God find faith
Will people be willing to pay the price of faith? Do we just want personal peace and affluence or are we willing to get into the fight of faith?

Faith prays and keeps praying till it gets the answer from God.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Faith Seeks God

Jeremiah 29:13
"And you will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart."
Seek - Seek and search are the same used twice shows double importance.
Find - To find God is to find spiritual life.
Search - As many places and ways as needed.
All - Continue till you find the answer.
Heart - Your true desire not a check off or for appearance.

Faith is not ideas but a response to hearing God. He is mentioned 3 times it is God not ideas that are important.
Life's tests show where the heart is. Prasing the test  (Seeking God with all your heart), is not being stopped by disaster, sickness, discipline. If we have not gone through fire we have not found God.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Speak to the Mountain

Mark 11:22-24 is one of the great passages in the Bible on faith and answered prayer.

Mark 11:22-24
Have faith in God
Whoever says to this mountain be taken up and cast into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will be granted to him. Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them and they will be granted to you.

Faith is something we decide to do.
Talk to the problem and command it to go.
Believe you have received your prayers before you have them. Then they will be granted.
We are to pray the will of God and if we do that we have them.

Notice we have them in the Spirit before we get them in the physical. Believe and you will be granted them.

We have been given authority, so we can use that authority. Mat. 28:18,19  2 Cor. 5:20
Remember faith is not a formula. But the confident assurance from hearing God.
Inform forces of heaven of God's provision Eph 3:10

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Forgiveness and Faith

And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that you Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses. (Mark 11:25) Notice the verses before talk of faith. Forgiveness naturally follows.

Christ has forgiven us so we respond in kind

Faith has a soft heart tho still driving forward

Faith won't function if we are hard towards others because Holy Spirit is quenched.

Faith lets others have first choice. Abraham offered Lot the valley and he took the mountains that were not as lush for his sheep. Abraham believed God would bless him even in a bleak pasture land.

Faith doesn't seek its own rights.

Faith trusts God's provision when others seem to take what you need.

We can forgive because its God who supplies

Forgiveness removes garbage which frees us to move forward in faith.

Forgiveness moves on from problems to other things. Just as plants sow an over abundance of seed to make up for the ones that won't have a chance to grow.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Law of Faith

Romans 3:27

"Where then is boasting? It is excluded By what kind of law? Of works? No, but by a law of faith."

Law is a rule, constant, procedure, durable, permanence, perpetual, it repeats, and is unchangeable. A law can be tested and found true each time.

I heard a sermon that mentioned the law of faith. A law is not something which happens sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. A law happens every time.
I am looking into this idea of laws of faith and will post probably 4 times a week.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homeless Tent City

haRdLy NOrMal has a good interview with Caleb Poirier at homeless tent city Called Camp Take Notice near Anarbor Michigan. In the article there are links to other tent cities.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Prayer Resources Link

Here are some prayer resources I just ran across at a 24/7 prayer web site.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

God's Choosen Fast

I have been reading and praying and thinking about spiritual breakthrough. One of the passages that mean the most to me is Isaiah 58. It shows us that we are not to seek our own benefit but the benefit of others.

Helping the poor is the way that Jesus approached His ministry. And it is the way Jesus wants us to reach out to others. Matthew 25

I don't accept the idea that these verses are not talking about physical needs. That is what they are talking about. You can apply them to other needs as well but physical needs is the primarry thing it is talking about.

The Pen of the Wayfarer has a good article on this subject.

A sermon titled:
The Chosen Fast - Isaiah 58:6, A Sermon by Dr. Neil Chadwick addresses the issue of having a heart right before God before you fast. The Isaiah 58 fast is the way to get your heart right.

And again in this Talk Jesus forum it is brought out that we need to get our heart right.

And in a sermon audio site this topic comes up again of God's Chosen Fast.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Psalm 82

Psalm 82

v 1a God takes His stand in His own congregation;

When God stands He is going to act. Or when God stands
He is moved. Anytime I think about God standing I think
of the stoning of Stephen. God could not sit on the throne
and watch one of His children die. It is the same here. God
has to make a change, because the leaders are not judging

v 1b He judges in the midst of the rulers.

Leaders in the church will receive a stricter
judgment. Those who teach lead others. And they will
effect the way other people will grow in Christ. It is good
to be a leader but there will be a stricter judgment.
Ezekiel talks of leaders that have led the people astray.

v 2 How long will you judge unjustly, and show partiality
to the wicked?

The ways of the world entice. Money flows from people
that know the ways of the world. The world will accept
those that agree with them. We all want acceptance from
others. To counter this we need to look to God for
acceptance. Our peace and fulfillment should flow from

This next verse explains what God's leaders should be

v 3a Vindicate the weak and fatherless;

Many look at the fatherless as less of a person and a reject.
People look at themselves this way when they don't have a
father. A leader will teach these people how to overcome
their basis and others basis against them.

v 3b Do justice to the afflicted and destitute.

How do we do justice? Treat people the way they are
supposed to be treated. Jesus identifies with the poor. Matt.
25 talks about how we serve Jesus when we serve the poor.
Isa 58 shows the importance of helping the poor and the
reward of God's light to those that do.

v 4 Rescue the weak and needy;
Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.

Job used his influence
and money to help these people. James said that true
religion is to help the poor. 1 John says that we don't have
love if we don't help the poor.

v 5a They do not know nor do they understand;

The leaders are clueless of how to lead. The ministry of the
Holy Spirit is not with them! They are blind guides leading
the blind.

v 5b They walk about in darkness;

1 John says that if we don't have love we are blind.
Christians are known for the love they have for one
another. If we don't love others as the Scirptures ask us to,
we can't see. Faith works through love. If there is no love
there is no effective faith. And if we are not effective we
will not be an influence in the world.

v 5c All the foundations of the earth are shaken.

This could mean that what we do will effect the earth and
those who live here. We effect the world either good or

v 6 I said you are gods, all of you are sons of the Most High.

Jesus refereed to this passage. There is nothing we can't do.
Genesis. What we desire God will give us. We can create
just as God can. We are new creatures in Christ and we
work together with Him to reach the world with the gospel.

v 7 Nevertheless you will die like men, and fall like any one
of the princes.

Though God has given us all power in the sense that He
will answer our prayers of faith. Mountains can be moved
and Churches can be built. Our life on earth is finite and we
only have so much time. We are to number our days and
show wisdom in what we do.

v 8Arise, O God, judge the earth! for it is Thou who dost
possess all the nations.

Though God has given us so much we must remember that
God is the ultimate power. Through Him we can change the course of the world. Peoples lives stand in the balance. What we do makes a difference.

Monday, September 13, 2010


We hear God mainly from the Bible as brought to our spirits by the Holy Spirit.

Hope then springs up within our hearts because of these promises.

Then with prayer and fasting we act, believing God will support our actions. I call this, stepping out in faith.

Fellowship with other believers encourages us to continue in good works. Encouragement by others also keeps us trusting God when trials come.

Prayer is where the battle is before we act. Prayer allows us to hear God and to lay the highway to walk by faith. The mountains and hills are broken down. Mountains and hills are a type for the opposition in the spirit. These are referred to in: Isaiah 42:14-16; Psalm 72:3; Mark 11:23

Rev 2 and Rev 3 talk of our overcoming by obedience.
Rev 12:11 overcome by the blood, testimony and love.
1 John 5 overcome the world by our faith.
Zach 4:6 not by might, power but by the Holy Spirit.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Faith in Action

Faith works for what is foolish in the natural.
Faith has a vision for the future.
Faith prays for the future.
Faith dreams about the future.
Faith rests in what God has promised.
Faith is assured
Faith is motivated by what can't be seen.
Faith loves.
Faith serves God by loving others.
Faith grows when either good or bad happen!
Faith prepares for the unlikely or impossible future.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Jesus Draws

Jesus draws all men to Himself if He is crucified. Jesus is the light and draws people to Himself. John 12:32

v35 Walk while you have the light that darkness may not overtake you.
Jesus is the light.
We are to walk as Jesus walked, if we don't walk darkness overtakes us. To ignore what God has for us brings us to darkness. If you don't step out in faith you aren't obeying. You are then dead in the water and you won't hear God because He speaks to those who are moving. And if we don't hear God we are in darkness.

To break this, love someone else. This causes us to obey the great commandment. Then we are in the light and can hear God.

Luke 11:33-36
Matt 5:15-16
What is our light?
Our light is God's gifting to us. It is how we love others.

Let your love (which is empowered by God) be shown before men that they may see these good works and glorify God.

The lamp of the body is the eye. Make sure your love is from God and is not self serving.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Gideon's Sin

Judges 8:26,27

Gideon made an idol after his victories. Why? After all the Lord had done?

We must be extra careful after success, that we don't fall into sin.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


The chime of a clock bell. Train horn sounds off in the distance. Roalroad crossing bell sounds as the arms come down.

After a while the sound of a diesel engine comes then the train slowly rolls by. The single blast of the horn as it crosses the road. The hum of the rails as the cars roll over.

One car has a thump thump as it rolls by. Then after a while another car has a thump thump. The clanking and jingle of metal. Then the last car rolls by and the rumble of the train fades off into the distance.

The clinging of the Railroad crossing continues. A sound of an airplane can be heard above the clouds. The railroad crossing bell stops.

The Airplane is further away. Crickets can not be heard. Someone can be heard talking in the distance. Traffic from a bridge sounds in the background.

A voice from a warehouse loud speaker sounds for a short time. A male voice is now heard.

The clanging of a dump truck rear door bangs. Metal pounding along the railroad tracks. A car horn is faintly heard in the distance. Another train horn sounds.

A car approaches then whooshes past. Sloshing through a water puddle. A UPS truck toots his horn backing up.

A Generator sounds by the railroad tracts. Toot toot of the a train approaches. A tain horn is heard but not seen on another track. The rails ring as another train approaches. The poof of release of steam. Engine slows down then speeds up as it rumbles past. Now an engine is coming from the other direction. The squeaking as cars roll past in both directions.

In all this activity God is also speaking. But do we pay attention? Do we even think it's possible to hear?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Trust God Don't Worry

When I was driving I came upon this license plate. I grabbed my
camera which I usually carry with me on the job and got this photo.
He is driving a Lincoln Continental, which means he has to have some
money. Money does not take away worry. Only Christ can give true

The Bible teaches in many places not to worry.
Ezekiel in Ezk 2:6; 3:9 was told not to worry as he shared God's
word, though Israel was rebellious.

Luke 12 refers to not worrying 7 times.
v 4 do do not be afraid - fear God not man.
v 7 do not fear - we are more valuable than birds which God takes
care of.
v 11 Do not worry. Don't worry about what you are to say. The Holy

Spirit will tell you what to say at the needed time
v 22 Do not worry about food or clothes. God will feed us.
v 29 Don't keep worrying seek God and His kingdom and these things
will come.
v32 Do not be afraid. The Father gives us the kingdom.

Joshua was told not to worry in Josh 1:9 Don't tremble or be
dismayed God would be with him wherever he went.
Don't worry we have the kingdom! It is in the kingdom we have the

Numbers 11:1
"Now the people became like those who complain of adversity in the
hearing of the Lord; and when the Lord heard it, His anger was
kindled, and the fire of the Lord burned among them and consumed
some of the outskirts of the camp."

Worry causes complaining. We are not to complain or worry but trust
God who has promised us everything. Our emotions follow how we
think. Focus on the invisible spiritual, not on the depressing

Sometimes I need to praise God even when I don't feel like it.
When there is no answer to prayer.
When there is no power of the Spirit.
When there is no rest of the Spirit.
Time marches on and problems pile up.
When the promises of God don't seem to be real.

Pray, don't lose heart. Cry to God day and night. He will answer.
Luke 18:1-8

So we can build our faith with victory and we can build our faith in
weakness. There is no defeat with Jesus. Why worry. If we are
experiencing weakness at the present we have more power than ever!

For God's power is perfected in weakness.

The disciples were worried in the storm, but when Jesus got in the
boat they had their answer. We don't have anything to worry about we
just need Jesus. John 6:21

Whose report will I believe? I believe the report of the Lord! I
have what I need and I have His power for life.

John 14:1-3 talks about not worrying. Let not your heart be troubled.
Jesus will take care of us after death. Then it goes on to say in
the middle of the chapter that Jesus will answer any request we ask.
Then when we get to John 14:27 it says Jesus gives us peace and not
to be fearful. Jesus peace does not come the way the world gives by
the absence of turmoil. But we have peace in the midst of the
turmoil because of the word of God living in our hearts. See also
John 16:33

Worry is thinking of a problem with no viable answer. Hope is
thinking about the problem according to the promises of God. Let us
live in hope in the Word of God and His provision and not in the
speculation that comes to our mind from the enemy.

David feared when Absalom his son rebelled against him. But when
David heard God's answer to his cry he slept in peace. And was not
afraid of 10,000's of people gathered against him. Psalm 3:5,6
The way not to fear is to have Jesus with us. To hear Him and be
with Him. Live life looking unto Jesus. Deal with all that comes
looking unto Jesus.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bind the Strong Man

I just read a very good article on binding the strong man (Satan).  Then plundering his house to bring others to Jesus.

We renounce all sin and then get others to Christ by having them repent and come to Christ.

Here is another article  on binding the strongman.
the steps are Authority, intercession, displacement, resistance, occupation and fortification.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Live a Life Looking Unto Jesus

Live a life looking unto Jesus

Hebrews 12:2
fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

I will not willfully sin when I look at Jesus in the situation. How can I sin against Christ when He is right there? And in fact He is right there.

Seek to know Jesus and not just about Jesus. I know about the president. But I don't know him. Spend time searching the Scriptures to know God better. But don't just make it a study of data. Make it a prayerful time. Praying over each Scripture you read. Talk to Jesus throughout the day. And start learning how to hear. When you hear Christ you will have the power to live for Christ.

John 10:27
My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me;

Quit reading and watching things that are bad influences to Christian living. What we feed ourselves strongly influences our life.

Learn to believe Jesus.

John 11:40
Jesus said to her, "Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walk by Faith

I was thinking about 2 Cor 5:7
"For we walk by faith no by sight."

As I read this verse I wanted to paraphrase it to put into practice.

Hope springs for the promises in the Bible. Hebrews 11:1 and 2 Peter 1:4

For we live our daily life by hope
that springs from the Word God reveals to us.

We don't live by taste, feel, sight,
hearing or touching. We don't live by what we
have experienced in the past. We don't live by
what others have said, experienced or believe.
We don't live by the general consensus of

We live by the direction of the Holy

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Standing Before God

We confess what Jesus has promised us. We pray over what Jesus has promised us. We have authority and we have confession.

It says in Ephesians that we are to stand. I see two meanings to this. One is that we are standing on the promises that God has given us and we are looking for Him to grant them to us. We know that we have the petitions we have asked because we are living according to the requirements for the promises to be fulfilled.

We are not experiencing the answer, but we are assured of it because of the Word of God.

There is another aspect to standing. We are to stand in the presence of God. Jeremiah, Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah and others talk about this. It is in the presence of the Lord that we get the authority to rule. It is in the presence of the Lord we are able to minister to the sheep we have been given. It is in the presence of the Lord we are given the ability to minister. It is in the presence of the Lord we are given the words to minister.

John 6:21 Jesus in the boat. How do we get Him in our boat? It really is not Him getting in our boat but us getting in Jesus' boat. And we do that by going before God and standing in His presence.

How do we stand? Heb 4:16 We can come boldly. What I see from standing is that we are there to receive not to ask.

I see standing as being in God's presence with the assurance of the promise from His Word. Yet we do not experience the fulfillment here on earth yet. We are standing when we stand firm between the promise in heaven and the chaos on earth. Faith brings the answer to earth. Assurance in God's faithfulness.

Do we believe God is a man of His word? Or is God just an old man that really isn't actively involved in the day to day issues of life? God is a God of His Word, and we can ask and receive in Jesus name! John 14:14

We are living in a disconnect between what we say we believe and how we really live. How we live is the true way of our belief.

To change from a wishy washy life to a life of faith takes time with God.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sucker Punch

The guy with the white hair had won a decision. This all happened after the fight was over.

When the Bible talks about fighting it means what it says. Many would sanitize Christianity. Yet we have a foe that does not play by the rules.

Luke 12:35 "Be dressed in readyness, and keep your lamps lit." NASB
"Keep your loins girded and your lamps burning." Amp

Monday, June 7, 2010

Jeremiah 16:16

Jeremiah 16:16

"Behold, I am going to send for many fishermen, declares the lord, and they will fish for them and afterwords I will send for many hunters, and they will hunt them from every mountain and every hill and from the clefts of the rocks."

Let us be hunters and fishermen for the kingdom of light. There is a reward for reaping the harvest. To be a hunter you must know your gun. And to be a fisherman you must know your gear. But how do we learn?

Go and learn  Matthew 9:13 There is learning from doing. Then there is learning from studying.  Most of the porblems or resistance in sharing the gospel are from a lack of experience not knowledge.

Yes, study the Bible. But go.

Pray and go daily.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

John 4:14

John 4:14 "But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life."

There are many issues here:
Jesus gives water
eternal life

Whoever: Salvation is not for the few but for whoever will accept the water from Jesus. John 3:16 whoever believes in Jesus will have eternal life. 2 Peter 3:9 God does not want any to perish but for all to come to eternal life.
Isaiah 55:1 "Ho! Every one who thirsts, come to the waters; And you who have no money come, buy and eat. Come, buy wine and mild without money and without cost." Salvation is free for whoever wills. It will change your life.

Jesus is offering water and it is the one who drinks that will benefit. Drinking is taking into our being and being sustained by it. When Jesus gives us a word we are sustained by it as we believe. Drinking is believing in the words of Jesus. Drinking is being sustained by the words of Jesus believing in them even when the circumstances of life are such that we could doubt the words of Jesus. But we reject the circustances and believe Jesus. Not that we hide our head in the sand and refuse to deal with current situations. But to believe is to not accept the current situation but to look to Jesus to fulfill His promise to us.
Be ready to receive the water from Jesus by having our heart ready. A soft heart ready to recieve the word and not a hard heart, which rejects the word of God.

Jessu gives water. This water is the word of God. It sustains us spiritually day by day. We need some each day. But are we willing to spend time with Jesus to receive water? Do we neglect Jesus and instead stay busy with our many details.

Thirst is desires. God's word will satisfy our desires. Even in the midst of acute need, the word of God will reach into our very soul the center of our being our spirit and satisfy us. We can be content in the midst of the trials of the world with the wrod of God. We have hope with the word. We have healing with the word. We have faith with the word. We have life with the word. We have eternal life with the word. Our thirst is quenched when we have Jesus. He is the word. Let us have soft hearts so the word will not run off the top of the soil but penatrate within.

As the deer pants for water so my soul pants for God Psalm 42:1.
Isaiah 49:10

Well. As we hide the word of God in our hearts we have a well of this water within. And it can be drawn upon in times of dryness.

Springing. The water in the well will spring up as the Holy Spirit moves in us. As we believe in the life giving power of the Word of God. We will have an abundance because of the word in our well. We have an abundance because Jesus gives us an abundant life.

Eternal life. Eternal life is knowing God. Jn 17:3 Eternal life starts at salvation not when we get to heaven. Eternal life happens when we are believing in the word of God given to us by Jesus. Eternal life is living in the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is not eating, drinking, or words. The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy and power. The kingdom of God brings people to salvation because of the word of God is the power of God for salvation. Jesus started preaching the same way John the Baptist did. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Creation Prayer

The Lord's prayer talks of creation prayer. Matthew 6:10 "Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

When we pray what God desires, we can pray into existence the things He desires. Such as a Christian fellowship where none existed before. Another example is to pray provision for a needy family.

Jesus only prayed as the Father led. We can pray as the Holy Spirit leads and as the Bible directs.

Some reject this type of prayer because of past abuse. Should we reject salvation because someone preached the gospel for personal gain? Of course not.

Isaiah 42:9 "Behold, the former things have come to pass,
Now I declare new things;
Before they spring forth I proclaim them to you."

Romans 4:17,21 "(as it is written, "A FATHER OF MANY NATIONS HAVE I MADE YOU") in the presence of Him whom he believed, even God, who gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist.
and being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform. "

There is power in prayer!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sermon Recomendation

A very good sermon:

What it means to pray through
by CH Clendennen.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Isaiah 30:21 "Your ears will hear a word behind you, 'This is the way, walk in it,' whenever you turn to the right or to the left."

As we act on what the Bible teaches God will instruct us in how and where and who and when as we are going. But if we are not going then we will not be hearing. God is a going God. We are obedient when we are going people. Seek God before you go, or seek Him after you go, or seek Him while you are going but to seek God without going is a delusion.

For me doing it builds permanence. My motto is: Pray and go daily. Pray for the days direction. Go and obey. Then pray for correction and better insight (study of the Word) then go again.

"Most people are waiting for a phone call from God when He has already sent them a letter." Curry Blake

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Matthew 6 From the Lord's Prayer

Matthew 6 From the Lord's Prayer
Thy kingdom come

Wait in prayer for God's will or ideas to come to your mind.

Pray for the ideas that come to your mind using Scripture for faith in believing what you are praying for.

Give us daily bread
Ask for your daily needs. Don't assume your money will provide everything.
Such as:

Remember what you have done in the past that is not settled which is wrong
Ask for God's forgiveness.

Pray for help with current problems

Ask for wisdom from temptation.

Kingdom – Its God's kingdom we are His subjects.
Power – It is God's power
Glory – The purpose of our life is God's glory.

Follow God's ways and succeed.
Josh 1:8
Psalm 81:13-16
Luke 6:12

Friday, March 26, 2010

7 in Church Idols

There was a blog I read on 7 idols or false doctrines within the church. It was written by Tullian Tchividjian.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Guard Your Heart

Proverbs 4:23 "Watch over your heart with all diligence. For from it flows the springs of life."

One aspect of guarding your heart is addressed in Psalm 119:11 "Your word I have treasured in my heart,
That I may not sin against you."

Another aspect is addressed in Philippians 4:8 "Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely whatever is of good requite, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise dwell on these things." Don't let your mind dwell on what is not from God. Dwell on what is from God.

What you say reveals what is in your heart. Mark 7:17-23 If you find yourself complaining, gossiping, or cussing. Go to God and repent and ask Him to fill you with His word. Train yourself to speak words of grace to others. Speak words that will encourage others to follow Jesus.

Matt 26:41 Watch and pray against sin.
Acts 20:31 1 Cor 16:13 Col 4:2 Be on the alert day and night with prayer.
1 Cor 10:12 Don't think you have made it. Stay humble.
Rom 16:19,20 1 Pet 5:8 Don't forget we have an enemy but we are conquers through Jesus. Rom 8:37

The best defense is a good offense. Serve Jesus and your heart will be steadfast. Isa 58:6-14; 2 Cor 10:3-5;
Eph 6:10-18 Here is a list of the armor of God. Use it all and live victorious.

Here is a Bible study I wrote on this subject.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Prov 15:16
16Better is a little with the fear of the LORD
Than great treasure and turmoil with it.

If we have the fear of the Lord, what good is the worlds treasures if there is turmoil with it? Our goal in life is not riches but an honest heart with God. With the fear of the Lord we will have the true rewards.

Luke 3:14
14Some soldiers were questioning him, saying, "And what about us, what shall we do?" And he said to them, "Do not take money from anyone by force, or accuse anyone falsely, and be content with your wages."

Are we content with the money we make? No one really is. In my reading and in my life experience I have found that there is never enough money. This is not only in secular realm but also Christian. People always want more. Contentment takes away that want. Contentment frees us to work according to God's purposes and not mans.

1 Tim 6:6
6But godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment.

People teach riches from the gospel. Yes there are riches promised in the Bible in many places. There also is persecution promised. Are the people that preach riches preaching the persecution? If they aren't are they tickling our ears? We should be honest with God, ourselves and others. To accept one side of the teaching of the Bible while completely ignoring the flip side of the same question is to present an illusion.

With contentment we have great gain. There are many tests in life. Do we fail the tests because we refuse to see Bible truth?

1 Tim 6:8
8If we have food and covering, with these we shall be content.

Do not work for the things which perish but for what will last for eternity!

Heb 13:5
5Make sure that your character is free from the love of money, being content with what you have; for He Himself has said, "I WILL NEVER DESERT YOU, NOR WILL I EVER FORSAKE YOU,"

If we are content with Jesus then the world has no hold on us.

2 Cor 9:8
8And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed;

Grace brings abundance. Seek God and His grace. With God's grace we can be about the good deeds God has for us.

Phil 4:11-13
11Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.
12I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need.
13I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.
One of the most famous Scriptures is Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” The context of this verse is contentment. There are listed here

1.In whatever circumstance I found myself in.
2.Humble means
4.Being filled
5.Going hungry
6.Having an abundance
7.Suffering need
8.Nothing is impossible through Christ

Paul is content in each of these instances. He has learned how to live this way by going through them. Our contentment should not be based on our circumstances but on Jesus Christ who lives within our hearts. When Jesus is with us then the circumstances don't change our inner contentment.

Then the question is asked, “What causes contentment?” Contentment should come from Jesus not what we have or don't have. When we have Jesus in our heart and can talk to Him there is nothing the world can do to us.

The world can't take away our money because its Jesus money not ours. Satan can't take our health because Jesus healed us at the cross. We can rest in the promise of God that He will heal us. For it says so multiple times in the Book.

If we are separated from our loved ones then God will comfort us in our loneliness.

If we are living in humble means we are content with that because God is our source. Or if we are living in prosperity we can use our abundance to help others

We can live in contentment when we are filled by using the energy of this to work hard for the kingdom of God.

If we are hungry we can use the desire to fill our bodies as a reminder of other Christians and their dire needs around the world and pray for them with earnestness.

2 Cor. 12:9,10 “
9And He has said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness " Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.
10Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ's sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong.

It is through many tribulations we enter the kingdom of God. Acts 14:22

Contentment should not be based on our comfort. Base your life on serving God and you will have a satisfactory life.

Boast of weaknesses, insults, distresses, persecutions, difficulties for when you do the power of Christ will come. Does the power of Christ depend on our attitude? Do we waist our sorrows if we have the wrong attitude? Using each thing life throws at us will make us stronger as we rely on God in all that comes our way. Trials are productive when they are looking to Jesus and not our circumstances.

Hebrews 13:5 “Make sure that your character is free from the love of money, being content with what you have; for He Himself has said, “I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you,”

Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trial of Faith

This is my notes from an article by Seth Rees in Herald of His Coming February 2010

God builds strong character for service. 1 Peter 1:7

Paul went thru many trials continually 1 Cor 4:11,13 and relied on weakness for power 2 Cor 12:9. To be a soldier for Christ is to accept the rugged way. 2 Tim 2:3,4

1. Hardship reveals our true character.

2. Trials reveal God's resources.
WE can't do it ourself, we need God.

3. Trials push us towards trust.
There is no faith if there is no need.

4. Trials send us to prayer.
God is our source not ourselves.

5. Trials give ruse to patience
We complain and fail or have patience and succeed.

6. Trails allow courage to be expressed.
WE face the trial and give advice to others from our experience.

7. Trials put to death the world
We either choose God or the world during trials.

8. It is during trials that we look for Jesus to come.
It is not easy. When we are looking for Jesus we are being purified.

9. Crown given to those who go thru trials James 1:12

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Divine Healing and How to Keep It

by A B Simpson - A tract from Pilgrim tract society

Keep right with God

Keep Reckoning
Live by faith not by sight. Don't watch your symptoms but trust the Lord and His Word.
Live by dead reckoning. (sailor takes reading from sun and goes on a bearing during many weeks of clouds)
We take God at His word even when we don't see anything.
Col 2:6
Keep out of yourself and keep expecting the Lord to come through for you.

Keep receiving
Abide in the Lord and His Word
Keep drawing on the life of the Spirit

Keep out of Yourself
Don't watch your feelings
Don't note the up's and downs of your case
Get saved from your body and feelings

Keep Sweet
The joy of the Lord is your strength
Anxious thoughts hurts soul and body.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Isaiah 30:15 # 6 The Struggle for Willingness

Isaiah 30:15
“For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said,
'In repentance and rest you will be saved,
In quietness and trust is your strength.'
But you were not willing.”

The Struggle for Willingness

One of the first steps of being willing is to have a humble heart. The opposite of humble is pride. We must realize there is nothing good in our heart.

Psalm 16:2 I said to the LORD, "You are my Lord;
I have no good besides You." "

1 Peter 1:22 shows a way to purify a heart to serve willingly.

Philippians 2:13
“for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.”

Moses was reluctant to go back to Egypt but he did with the help with his brother Aaron. He used Aaron as a spokesman in confronting Pharaoh.

2 Chron 16:9
God desires to support us as we trust Him but the problem is that we want to rely on ourself and others who we can see rather than God who we can't see. But what we do for ourselves is not perfect. What God will do is perfect and He can be trusted.

Are we willing to follow God? Willingness is tied into obedience. The obedience of faith comes at a price of prayer and Bible Study and meditation and service to others.

One of the main reasons is there is no other opportunity.
Another way to have the willingness to follow the ideas of Isa 30:15 is to realize that is the way the world works. When we come to the realization that is the way we relate to God then it should not be hard to accept it as matter of fact. But it is contrary to the way of the flesh. We like to be busy in doing

The apostles were willing to leave everything to follow Jesus. They were not poor people. Some worked for Peter as fisherman. Matthew made good money as a tax collector. But they left these positions and the wealth that came from them to spend time at Jesus feet learning from Him.

Willingness can come from a heart that is plowed as Hosea talks of in Ch 10

We don't have willingness because there is a dryness in our life and are unwilling to trust.

Unwillingness may stem from a belief that God is inactive in our life and will not do anything for us. Zeph 1:12

Where Isaiah 35 is the opposite and shows the joy and excitement of expectation. This chapter is a chapter of encouragement. Encouragement brings hope and hope will allow willingness.

Psalm 84:5-7
1.these scriptures is the strength is from God
2.Passing through the valley of Baca they make it a spring.
Baca is a valley of weeping. You don't approach God on a self righteous basis but on a humble basis which involves repentance. Repentance brings the willingness of follow God as He leads.

Psalm 84:5-7 Going to God with a heart weeping over our weakness and the need that people is a step in humbleness in approaching God. Then this weeping turns to joy as God touches our heart. With the rejoicing comes the flow of the Holy Spirit. We become strong in the joy the Holy Spirit gives. Neh 8:10 Go to heaven on the highway of holiness.

Baca could refer to Bochim of Judges 2:1-5
Where they are weeping for their sin.
Note if there is no joy go back to Phil 4:6 and pray for God to bring a since of peace to your mind. God will give peace in time as we cry out to Him. Some may look at Christianity like we do fast food. Just walking in and ordering the food and getting the answer in a minute or less. God of course may not work that way. But He wants us to continue to pray for the answer. He wants us to seek Him for the answer.

Passing through the valley of Baca they make it a spring. This weeping causes God to move in response to their prayers. The Spring refers to refreshing water that comes from God. We are unwilling because of the dryness in our lives and the lack of answers to weak prayers. But turning the valley from a valley of weeping to a valley of springs comes from God and His answer to our prayers.

God will send the rain or bring the rain to our lives.
Ps 107:35 He changes a wilderness into a pool of water and dry land into springs of water.
Psalm 105:41 He opened the rock and water flower out , It ran in dry places like a river.
Psalm 114:8 Who turned the rock into a pool of water and the flint into a fountain of water.

The impossibility of the situation is not an obstacle to God. In fact God likes to work when there seems seems to be no way. Continue to look to God for the answer even when there is not a way known. Our weakness is an opportunity for God. Then He will get the glory not us.

Has God spoken? Do we have a promise from God? Then there is hope in prayer.

Making the valley of weeping into a highway to heaven (Zion) comes from the an attitude of praise.
In whose heart are the highways to Zion. Our heart goes to God when in need and when at rest. We are God focused and self focused. To move from one to the other is to realize that God is the source and not us. To realize that

Worship moves life from a valley of problems to joy.

So willingness comes from hope in God moving in our life. Waiting and quietness is the faith/hope in God to speak life to our hearts. It is the spoken word of God to us that brings life.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Isaiah 30:15 #5 Trust

Isaiah 30:15
“For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said,
'In repentance and rest you will be saved,
In quietness and trust is your strength.'
But you were not willing.”

Trust – Is He Worthy of Our Trust?

1 Is God who He say He is?
2 Does He mean what He says in the Bible?
3 Can He be trusted to help us today?
4 Will He fulfill His promises to us?
5 What about life experience that shows He does not fulfill His promises?
6 Does God have the power to back up what He says?
And if He does have the power, will He use His power to back up what He says, or will He ignore us and not do anything?
7 Is God asleep and does not engage Himself into the day to day activities of life?
8 Is the Bible and Christianity really true and the promises it claims or is it meant only as a lullaby to cause us to feel good in hard times?
9 Are the grandiose claims of the Bible have any validity at all or are they put there so we sill stay out of trouble?
10 Can God be trusted?

Hudson Taylor's Discovery
On June 25 1865 James Hudson Taylor at 33 came to the great crisis of his life. The locale was Brighton beach on the South coast of England. There on a quiet Sunday morning he took a step of faith in response to a simple spiritual principle he had just discovered. He was surprised that this truth had so long eluded him. “If we are obeying the Lord, the responsibility rests with him not with us!” Months of struggle were over, and the way ahead was clear. To obey the Scriptures and trust God to be faithful to him pledged Word was not rash.
Throwing caution and tradition to the winds, Hudson Taylor formed the China Inland Mission.

First off I think it is important to consider Jesus. He did not consider equality with God a thing to be grasped. Phil 2:5,6,7 But came to serve us and not to be served and give His life a ransom for many Mark 10:45

Jesus does not ask us to come to Him on just an intellectual basis. He lived and was tempted in all aspects of life. Heb 2:14 Then suffered a trumped up charge and was executed on a cross which was a horrible death. This alone shows that there is more to the claims of Christ then just good intentions. This suffering for us shows a love that goes beyond what we could expect anyone to do for us. And we did not deserve this. We all are sinners and rebellious in nature. For while we were yet sinners Christ died for us Rom 5:8

Now this love shows God is not just giving us some mush to keep us in line. But that is not all we have to go on. After Jesus died he rose from the dead the 3rd day. This shows there is power to go along with the teaching Jesus has given us in the Bible. So the question can God back up what He says is answered easily, you betcha. His power is so great, we have not seen anything yet.

But can we count on Him to use this power for us in the situation we find ourselves in? One thing we have to consider is the fact that God is not a vending machine that gives out answers when we put in our dime. Yet still, some pray and nothing happens and they seem to be nice people not using God but wanting to live a good life.

God wants to answer our prayers but there are conditions to His promises that we need to look into and not ignore. We sometimes take the verses that we like and ignore the hard verses we don't like. That is not being honest with God or with ourselves.

God is looking for disciples that will follow Him wherever He goes. This journey is not free for us. Just as Christ gave up all to give us the opportunity for eternal life. We are asked to give up our old life of living for ourselves and live a life of faith.

Turn it around, if we don't trust God who do we trust? Ourselves? There is no sure way to get what we want. Trusting God is reacting to life as it is. To not trust God is to deny reality and try to live life in a way that we are not made for. Many say living by faith is not natural and should not be tried. Yet we were made to live by the directions of God. Following the life of faith in Christ is rewarding and exciting.

Why do people go to movies read books and watch sporting events. They hunger after excitement. God has that life for us. He will guide us and provide as He leads us in a life of fulfillment in faith and trust in the almighty God who wants to give us life abundantly. Our abundant life is not measured by Wall Street or Madison Avenue. For these standards have a weight of concern that we could never please.

The life of faith Jesus is calling us to is a life of abundance of the fullness of the Holy Spirit of service according to the will of God for our lives. Eph 2:10

Trust brings strength along with quietness. Our strength is in the Lord and not our own efforts. When we trust our own efforts we are limited in what we can do and how far we can go. With God all things are possible. This strength comes from our lack of strength not along with our strength.

When we come to the end of ourselves in an effort and turn to God in prayer. We can call upon God for help. We have no other recourse because we have come to the end of ourselves. To trust God walk trusting His intervention in our work.

The foundation of worship, repentance, quietness that have come before give us a foundation to trusting God. As we have been quiet we have heard from Him in what we are to do and have received from Him the strength to continue in obedience the way God is leading us. Our trust is in His leading us. Our trust is in His speaking to us life.