Saturday, March 27, 2010

Matthew 6 From the Lord's Prayer

Matthew 6 From the Lord's Prayer
Thy kingdom come

Wait in prayer for God's will or ideas to come to your mind.

Pray for the ideas that come to your mind using Scripture for faith in believing what you are praying for.

Give us daily bread
Ask for your daily needs. Don't assume your money will provide everything.
Such as:

Remember what you have done in the past that is not settled which is wrong
Ask for God's forgiveness.

Pray for help with current problems

Ask for wisdom from temptation.

Kingdom – Its God's kingdom we are His subjects.
Power – It is God's power
Glory – The purpose of our life is God's glory.

Follow God's ways and succeed.
Josh 1:8
Psalm 81:13-16
Luke 6:12

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