Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christianity by Sevens

First Section:
Bible reading by 7s Read 7 chapters a day.

OT Genesis - Song of Solomon
A chapter a day.

A chapter a day

Proverbs and key Bible chapters
A chapter a day. Read Proverbs a chapter a day. When you get through the book of Proverbs then read one chapter a day from your list of key Bible chapters.

Here are my list of key chapters. Change this list to fit your needs.
   Joshua 1               Romans 4, 8, 12
   Judges 6,7            1 Cor 13,14        1 Samuel 17        2 Cor 4,5
   2 Kings 4             Eph 1,3,6   Nehemiah 4         Phil 2,3
   Isaiah 6, 35, 40, 42, 49, 52, 53, 55, 58, 60
    Jeremiah 12,18,23     1 Tim 6    Hosea 6      2 Peter 1
   Ezekiel 22                  Heb 3,4,10,11
     Daniel 3                     James 1 2,3 4 5  
     1 Jn 2,3  Matt 5, 6, 7, 25           Psalm 91
    Luke 12,16, 18            Psalm 34    John 14,15,16
When you get done with the key chapters go back to reading Proverbs.

Prophets Isaiah - Malichi
A chapter a day

Matthew - Acts
A chapter a day

Romans - Revelation
2 Chapters a day

This does not have to be all at once. Sometimes I read like the list below.
Read 2 chapters when you get up.
Read one at breakfast.
Read one at lunch.
Read one at supper.
Read one after supper.
Read one before bed.

When you get through a section just start it over again.

Second Section:
Commit to praying each day of the week.
1 In your Bible reading pray over an area that speaks to you.
2 Pray for your family and friends.
3 Pray for Missionaries you know.
4 Pray for yourself, your health, your job and ministry, your finances, your future and your walk with the Lord.
5 Pray for your leaders.
6 Pray for the world in the news.
7 Pray for God to speak to you at night when you sleep.
Write down what you hear from the Lord when you wake up.

Third Section:
Commit to meditating on a verse for 7 days.
Read that verse multiple times in a day and have it memorized at the end of the week.

Forth Section:
Share your faith with 7 people a week.
Evangelism, acts of kindness, hand out gospel tracts.

Fifth Section:
Write about your faith in Christ. Journal your thoughts from your Bible reading.
Study a passage of Scripture and write your study out.

Sixth Section:
Get and stay in fellowship. Go to church each week. Worship and give thanks to God daily.Seek to have close friends.

Seventh Section:
Give at least 10% of your gross income to God.
Church, missionaries, charitable outreaches

None of this makes me worthy. I am worthy because of the blood of Jesus. All this is done to come closer to God.