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Isaiah 30:15 #5 Trust

Isaiah 30:15
“For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said,
'In repentance and rest you will be saved,
In quietness and trust is your strength.'
But you were not willing.”

Trust – Is He Worthy of Our Trust?

1 Is God who He say He is?
2 Does He mean what He says in the Bible?
3 Can He be trusted to help us today?
4 Will He fulfill His promises to us?
5 What about life experience that shows He does not fulfill His promises?
6 Does God have the power to back up what He says?
And if He does have the power, will He use His power to back up what He says, or will He ignore us and not do anything?
7 Is God asleep and does not engage Himself into the day to day activities of life?
8 Is the Bible and Christianity really true and the promises it claims or is it meant only as a lullaby to cause us to feel good in hard times?
9 Are the grandiose claims of the Bible have any validity at all or are they put there so we sill stay out of trouble?
10 Can God be trusted?

Hudson Taylor's Discovery
On June 25 1865 James Hudson Taylor at 33 came to the great crisis of his life. The locale was Brighton beach on the South coast of England. There on a quiet Sunday morning he took a step of faith in response to a simple spiritual principle he had just discovered. He was surprised that this truth had so long eluded him. “If we are obeying the Lord, the responsibility rests with him not with us!” Months of struggle were over, and the way ahead was clear. To obey the Scriptures and trust God to be faithful to him pledged Word was not rash.
Throwing caution and tradition to the winds, Hudson Taylor formed the China Inland Mission.

First off I think it is important to consider Jesus. He did not consider equality with God a thing to be grasped. Phil 2:5,6,7 But came to serve us and not to be served and give His life a ransom for many Mark 10:45

Jesus does not ask us to come to Him on just an intellectual basis. He lived and was tempted in all aspects of life. Heb 2:14 Then suffered a trumped up charge and was executed on a cross which was a horrible death. This alone shows that there is more to the claims of Christ then just good intentions. This suffering for us shows a love that goes beyond what we could expect anyone to do for us. And we did not deserve this. We all are sinners and rebellious in nature. For while we were yet sinners Christ died for us Rom 5:8

Now this love shows God is not just giving us some mush to keep us in line. But that is not all we have to go on. After Jesus died he rose from the dead the 3rd day. This shows there is power to go along with the teaching Jesus has given us in the Bible. So the question can God back up what He says is answered easily, you betcha. His power is so great, we have not seen anything yet.

But can we count on Him to use this power for us in the situation we find ourselves in? One thing we have to consider is the fact that God is not a vending machine that gives out answers when we put in our dime. Yet still, some pray and nothing happens and they seem to be nice people not using God but wanting to live a good life.

God wants to answer our prayers but there are conditions to His promises that we need to look into and not ignore. We sometimes take the verses that we like and ignore the hard verses we don't like. That is not being honest with God or with ourselves.

God is looking for disciples that will follow Him wherever He goes. This journey is not free for us. Just as Christ gave up all to give us the opportunity for eternal life. We are asked to give up our old life of living for ourselves and live a life of faith.

Turn it around, if we don't trust God who do we trust? Ourselves? There is no sure way to get what we want. Trusting God is reacting to life as it is. To not trust God is to deny reality and try to live life in a way that we are not made for. Many say living by faith is not natural and should not be tried. Yet we were made to live by the directions of God. Following the life of faith in Christ is rewarding and exciting.

Why do people go to movies read books and watch sporting events. They hunger after excitement. God has that life for us. He will guide us and provide as He leads us in a life of fulfillment in faith and trust in the almighty God who wants to give us life abundantly. Our abundant life is not measured by Wall Street or Madison Avenue. For these standards have a weight of concern that we could never please.

The life of faith Jesus is calling us to is a life of abundance of the fullness of the Holy Spirit of service according to the will of God for our lives. Eph 2:10

Trust brings strength along with quietness. Our strength is in the Lord and not our own efforts. When we trust our own efforts we are limited in what we can do and how far we can go. With God all things are possible. This strength comes from our lack of strength not along with our strength.

When we come to the end of ourselves in an effort and turn to God in prayer. We can call upon God for help. We have no other recourse because we have come to the end of ourselves. To trust God walk trusting His intervention in our work.

The foundation of worship, repentance, quietness that have come before give us a foundation to trusting God. As we have been quiet we have heard from Him in what we are to do and have received from Him the strength to continue in obedience the way God is leading us. Our trust is in His leading us. Our trust is in His speaking to us life.

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