Thursday, September 2, 2010


The chime of a clock bell. Train horn sounds off in the distance. Roalroad crossing bell sounds as the arms come down.

After a while the sound of a diesel engine comes then the train slowly rolls by. The single blast of the horn as it crosses the road. The hum of the rails as the cars roll over.

One car has a thump thump as it rolls by. Then after a while another car has a thump thump. The clanking and jingle of metal. Then the last car rolls by and the rumble of the train fades off into the distance.

The clinging of the Railroad crossing continues. A sound of an airplane can be heard above the clouds. The railroad crossing bell stops.

The Airplane is further away. Crickets can not be heard. Someone can be heard talking in the distance. Traffic from a bridge sounds in the background.

A voice from a warehouse loud speaker sounds for a short time. A male voice is now heard.

The clanging of a dump truck rear door bangs. Metal pounding along the railroad tracks. A car horn is faintly heard in the distance. Another train horn sounds.

A car approaches then whooshes past. Sloshing through a water puddle. A UPS truck toots his horn backing up.

A Generator sounds by the railroad tracts. Toot toot of the a train approaches. A tain horn is heard but not seen on another track. The rails ring as another train approaches. The poof of release of steam. Engine slows down then speeds up as it rumbles past. Now an engine is coming from the other direction. The squeaking as cars roll past in both directions.

In all this activity God is also speaking. But do we pay attention? Do we even think it's possible to hear?

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