Monday, September 13, 2010


We hear God mainly from the Bible as brought to our spirits by the Holy Spirit.

Hope then springs up within our hearts because of these promises.

Then with prayer and fasting we act, believing God will support our actions. I call this, stepping out in faith.

Fellowship with other believers encourages us to continue in good works. Encouragement by others also keeps us trusting God when trials come.

Prayer is where the battle is before we act. Prayer allows us to hear God and to lay the highway to walk by faith. The mountains and hills are broken down. Mountains and hills are a type for the opposition in the spirit. These are referred to in: Isaiah 42:14-16; Psalm 72:3; Mark 11:23

Rev 2 and Rev 3 talk of our overcoming by obedience.
Rev 12:11 overcome by the blood, testimony and love.
1 John 5 overcome the world by our faith.
Zach 4:6 not by might, power but by the Holy Spirit.

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