Wednesday, September 15, 2010

God's Choosen Fast

I have been reading and praying and thinking about spiritual breakthrough. One of the passages that mean the most to me is Isaiah 58. It shows us that we are not to seek our own benefit but the benefit of others.

Helping the poor is the way that Jesus approached His ministry. And it is the way Jesus wants us to reach out to others. Matthew 25

I don't accept the idea that these verses are not talking about physical needs. That is what they are talking about. You can apply them to other needs as well but physical needs is the primarry thing it is talking about.

The Pen of the Wayfarer has a good article on this subject.

A sermon titled:
The Chosen Fast - Isaiah 58:6, A Sermon by Dr. Neil Chadwick addresses the issue of having a heart right before God before you fast. The Isaiah 58 fast is the way to get your heart right.

And again in this Talk Jesus forum it is brought out that we need to get our heart right.

And in a sermon audio site this topic comes up again of God's Chosen Fast.

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