Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trial of Faith

This is my notes from an article by Seth Rees in Herald of His Coming February 2010

God builds strong character for service. 1 Peter 1:7

Paul went thru many trials continually 1 Cor 4:11,13 and relied on weakness for power 2 Cor 12:9. To be a soldier for Christ is to accept the rugged way. 2 Tim 2:3,4

1. Hardship reveals our true character.

2. Trials reveal God's resources.
WE can't do it ourself, we need God.

3. Trials push us towards trust.
There is no faith if there is no need.

4. Trials send us to prayer.
God is our source not ourselves.

5. Trials give ruse to patience
We complain and fail or have patience and succeed.

6. Trails allow courage to be expressed.
WE face the trial and give advice to others from our experience.

7. Trials put to death the world
We either choose God or the world during trials.

8. It is during trials that we look for Jesus to come.
It is not easy. When we are looking for Jesus we are being purified.

9. Crown given to those who go thru trials James 1:12


  1. I have just finished reading this very article in the February 2010 issue of "Herald of His Coming" and came across your notes in my attempt to locate on the Internet a copy of the entire sermon. Believe that Seth Rees lived mostly in the 1800s. Have not yet searched out his biography.

  2. Raymond,

    Here is a link with a short bio and link to 3 articles he wrote.
    The Ideal Pentecostal Church
    Holy War
    Fire From Heaven

    I thought these were good so I checked out the web site Rapture Ready. The articles on here look really good.

  3. Thanks. I have filed the site in one of my Internet files.