Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Faith is Sown in Peace

Faith is sown in peace
James 3:18
To sow in peace is to do the work peacefully and not have strife or contention with the work. Often there is disagreement. The disagreement must be dealt with. We should be at peace with all, as much as we can.

When I don't deal with disagreement and continue the work for the Lord with contention in my heart, the spirit is quenched and I am not opporating in the Kingdom of God.

If you have faith you have peace for what would there be to worry about? Faith in God to bring to light the truth, not my own ability to cause truth to be known.

The words of Jesus give peace. Jn 16:33 The words also build faith so faith and peace go together. Sow from from the peace you have received from the word.

The word of God is a seed
A seed needs"
water  - Bible
Sun/warmth - love /Holy Spirit
soil/nutrients  - truth

When there is God's presence there is peace because we are cared for.

Peace can be an indication of God's will and direction. A lack of peace also may be an indication for a lack of yieldness.

Peace is an out work of knowing who we are in Christ.

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