Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Standing Before God

We confess what Jesus has promised us. We pray over what Jesus has promised us. We have authority and we have confession.

It says in Ephesians that we are to stand. I see two meanings to this. One is that we are standing on the promises that God has given us and we are looking for Him to grant them to us. We know that we have the petitions we have asked because we are living according to the requirements for the promises to be fulfilled.

We are not experiencing the answer, but we are assured of it because of the Word of God.

There is another aspect to standing. We are to stand in the presence of God. Jeremiah, Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah and others talk about this. It is in the presence of the Lord that we get the authority to rule. It is in the presence of the Lord we are able to minister to the sheep we have been given. It is in the presence of the Lord we are given the ability to minister. It is in the presence of the Lord we are given the words to minister.

John 6:21 Jesus in the boat. How do we get Him in our boat? It really is not Him getting in our boat but us getting in Jesus' boat. And we do that by going before God and standing in His presence.

How do we stand? Heb 4:16 We can come boldly. What I see from standing is that we are there to receive not to ask.

I see standing as being in God's presence with the assurance of the promise from His Word. Yet we do not experience the fulfillment here on earth yet. We are standing when we stand firm between the promise in heaven and the chaos on earth. Faith brings the answer to earth. Assurance in God's faithfulness.

Do we believe God is a man of His word? Or is God just an old man that really isn't actively involved in the day to day issues of life? God is a God of His Word, and we can ask and receive in Jesus name! John 14:14

We are living in a disconnect between what we say we believe and how we really live. How we live is the true way of our belief.

To change from a wishy washy life to a life of faith takes time with God.

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