Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pray Through

Another aspect of: repentance, rest, quietness, and trust is to pray through.

Pray until the peace of God comes back. Pray until you see the answer come. Pray until you have assurance from God. Pray until you are assured that God will take care of the problem.

Phil 4:6,7 talk about this. Don't worry but pray. Pray the promises. Pray the Scripture. Believe the Bible not your worry. Decide to believe what the Bible says and not your worries. One of the main ways to move from worry to belief is to pray. Don't lose heart, pray. The Bible is real but our understanding needs to be prayed from our head to our heart.

Make a decision to believe what the Bible says. Abraham hoped when there was no reason to hope. God promised him a son when he was 75 years old and his wife was 65. 25 years later he was still waiting. He did not lose hope but gave glory to God. Abram changed his name to Abraham. Abraham means father of many. Can you imagine all the ridicule from people after that. He had to have known that he was the butt of jokes from his herdsmen. When he met someone and told them his name what was their response? They had to hold back a snicker. But I think he obeyed God in changing his name to keep God's promise ever before him.

Pray in the morning when you wake up. If at lunch the worry persists pray at lunch. If the worry persists when you get home from work pray then. Pray after you eat supper. If the answer does not come, take time off from work and pray.

Fasting can add strength to your prayers. Fast for God's answer.

Continue to pray until you can rest from your worry. Then rest in God and trust His goodness.

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