Sunday, November 25, 2007

November 25th House Church

Today we read and discussed Philippians 1:21-29

We can serve Jesus with expectant hope of His return.
This hope in service is a purifying influence in our walk. 1 John 3:1-3

Jesus attitude in service is shown in Phil 2:5-8 We deny our desires and look to Jesus for guidance.

Standing firm with:
One spirit
One mind
Striving together

Remember Paul is writing this from prison. But we are to remember those in prison as if in prison with them.

Many teachers talk of the blessings that we get from being Christians but few talk of the cost. Some even deny the cost of following Christ. The Bible talks of those who deny the cross and contrast that with their fleshly appetites. But we are to seek to serve Christ. It makes sense that if you want to play tennis you must give up golf if you are playing that at the same time. In the same way if we are going to follow Christ other things must be given up.

Jude 3 also talks of this striving.

v28 is interesting passage. Our confidence in God in the midst of persecution is a sign to the lost of our salvation and their destruction. The peace Jesus gives is not as the world gives. It is a different kind of peace that is founded on the rock. It is a peace in the midst of trouble, not the lack of it.

Prayed for Uzbekistan in the Operation World book.

Also prayed for our personal needs.

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