Friday, January 4, 2008

Knowing God's Will

I have some decisions I need to make. So I decided to review a teaching I have on knowing God's Will.

The book is called "Change the World School of Prayer" Edited and written by Dick Eastman. Also some of the ideas I have written here come from things I have learned.

1 John 5:14 answers come from praying according to God's will

We don't ask God to do our will we ask God to do His will.
Matthew 6:10

Prayer is talking life over with God and carrying out His orders.
The 3 lights should line up to be safely in God's will.
1. The Word of God shows His will.
2. The will of God is made known through circumstances.
If there is a way provided and you were seeking God on the issue it may be an answer from God.
3. The voice of the Holy Spirit.

A forth area is leadership.
4. Is leadership directing you a certain way?

God's will should be founded on a heart to follow after Him.

God's kingdom is within us Luke 17:21
So a lot of what we hear from God will come from within.

Holy Spirit will direct our prayers with inner promptings.

God's word is the foundation of all guidance.

God's peace comes with His direction.
Some exceptions:

1. If we are not willing to do His will. God's will won't bring peace if we are set on doing our will instead of God's. Bring your heart to a place of openness to do whatever God is asking you to do.

2. Paul shared the gospel with fear and trembling.
1 Cor. 2:3
Phil. 2:12 Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

3. Some instructions are urgent. Elisha and the arrows.
God will accomplish things through us as we are full of zeal from the Holy Spirit.

Peace comes if we have accepted the tree/cross as part of our life. Ex 15:25
The tree referred to in Ex. 15:25 is referring to the cross of Christ. Jesus died on a wooden cross. And it is referred to as a tree. 1 Pt. 2:24 The waters were bitter and God directed Moses to throw a tree into the waters and they became sweet. God's word will become sweet to us as we accept the yoke of Christ referred to in Matthew 11:28-30

God guides the humble, meek Psalm 25:9

Resist Satan flee from Him draw neigh to God
We can easily fall into the trap of accepting our own desires for the will of God. To counter this we should first be submitted to God. If love for God and others is put first then mistaking our own desires for the voice of God is less of a problem.

6 steps of George Muller
A. Get your heart to a place that you have no will in the matter.
B. Do not leave the result to a feeling or simple impression.
C. Seek the will of the Spirit in connection with the Word of God.
D. Providential circumstances.
E. Ask God in prayer to reveal His will aright.
F. Focus through prayer study of the word and reflection. I come to the will of God to the best of my ability.

Here is a good contrast between's God's voice and Satan's voice.
I got this list from Roberts Liardon's Facebook.

God's Voice                            Satan's Voice
Stills you                                  Rushes you
Leads you                                Pushes you
Reassures you                          Frightens you
Enlightens you                          Confuses you
Encourages you                        Discourages you
Comforts you                           Worries you
Calms you                                Obsesses you
Convicts you                            Condemns you

Here is a link to Andrew Wommack's article on God's will.

To hear God means that we should act.

When we act according to what we think the will of God is, we will hear a voice behind us directing us to turn to the right or the left. Isa. 30:21

Many promises of God come with conditions. Meet the conditions and God will fulfill the promise. Our faith will be exercised as we wait patiently for God to fulfill what He promised.

Guidance is not knowing the future. But we will know some things that will happen.

Guidance is not always pleasant because His ways are not like our ways. Many times they are the opposite. Isaiah 55:8,9

Dangers to watch for:
Not all inner voices are from God.
Satan and yourself also are involved.
God does not always use spectacular means.
Fleeces are not the best way. They could signify a lack of trust in God's guidance.
Don't treat voices and visions above the Word of God.

O Lord, let Your will be done in my life as it is in heaven. Speak to me letting me know when I get off Your path. Lead me to the rock that is higher. For with you is the power, with You is the glory, and with you comes the peace of abundance of a full life lived in you. You must increase, but I must decrease. Thank you Jesus for your guidance.

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