Sunday, May 4, 2008

Psalm 44

Psalm 44

I read this Psalm for devotions this morning and we went over it in house church.

Verses 1-3 talks about the history of Israel and how God came through for them in times of need.

Verses 4-8 talk about how God will come through for them in the future and shows some keys of what to do.

Verses 9-16 talks of the present.

17-21 talks of their faithfulness to God.

22-26 A prayer for help

Remember what God has done for you and others in the past. This will build hope. For God is faithful in the midst of trials. Jesus said that He gives peace in the midst of trials. If He took away the trail then there would be no need. Many times God meets our need to live in the midst of trials.

Verse 5 is key for me. It is through God that we will push back our adversaries. Through God means that we act according to the direction God specifically gives us to handle the situation. We do the pushing God gives the direction of how where and when to push. We provide the obedience and God provides the power.

Through Your name we will push back our adversaries.

When we do things under the command of Jesus we are doing them through the name of Jesus. So when we trample over our enemies we are walking in faith according to the leading of our Lord. We are acting in the name of Jesus.

Romans 16:19,20 is a great promise of deliverance. We walk and Jesus the God of peace crushes Satan under our feet. It is a walk of faith that wins the victory.

In verse 8 speaks to me about what I need to be doing.

“In God we have boasted all day long. And we will give thanks to Your name forever.

Boast in what God will do as verses 4-7 show. God will do great things on our behalf. It is imperative that we hear what He is telling us to do. Then we can boast of what He will do.

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