Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bull Horn Guy Video

I went to a house fellowship a year ago and they played a video of Rob Bell talking how the use of a bull horn for witnessing is not good. He went on for about 10 minutes on this. Then the house church talked about this. All but one were against the bull horn guy sharing the gospel with a bull horn.

I did not say anything because I was new and did not want to criticize. But my thinking was here was a guy taking his own time and money to share the gospel and he is being criticized for it. The bull horn guy was putting his life on the line for Jesus, and Rob Bell was just sitting and doing nothing. It is better to do something wrong as far as sharing the gospel then to do nothing at all. Paul said that he would rejoice when the gospel is preached even when it was done with wrong motives. Phil 1:15-18

Some would say that he would drive them to hell. But people are already on the way to hell and the bull horn guy is trying to warn them of it. For the way is broad that leads to destruction and few will find the way of life. Matt 7:13,14

I want to share the gospel but have no ability in my spirit. This is my prayer to break through and share the gospel with the lost. My spirit is weak and flesh is unwilling. But I look to God to change me.

And here is the real video of Rob Bell against the Bull horn guy.

This is a spoof on the Bull Horn Guy by Rob Bell.

Todd Friel's "Bullhorn Guy" Response (Part 1)

Todd Friel's "Bullhorn Guy" Response (Part 2) has a great youtube on this as well. This is a very good defense of open air preaching. Here is the youtube response.

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