Friday, August 14, 2009


My 19 year old son called me from Baltimore at a wedding reception and asked if it was OK to drink beer. I told him I could not anymore tell him what to do.

He said that he respected my opinion and whanted to know what I thought. I told him no don't drink.

Later I sent him this PM on face book:

I was asleep on the couch when you called. I needed to be woken up.

The issue of booze.

I can't tell you in the long run anymore what to do. The decision is yours.

My thinking on booze is this. You may reject my reasoning but it did not come without seeing many people ruined because of booze.

I think that it is of no use to drink booze. Name me an on fire Christian that is leading others to saving faith in Christ that drinks! Now maybe you know people but in my experience I do not know any.

There is the issue of the flesh Romans 8:5. Booze is of the flesh. It is of the world. 1 Jn 2:15-17

To just have a rule not to drink is of no use. Col 2:20-23

But to have a mindset to not live according to the ways of the world so that you can be a light to the lost, will work. Romans 8:6

Have you ever heard of people that gathered to pray for the lost and brought a bottle of booze to pass around while they were praying?

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  1. My beloved uncle died prematurely 3 Christmases ago after being on a drinking binge. He fell and smashed his skull in his bathroom and died alone because his wife was out shopping at the time. It broke our hearts. He was the 3rd relative to die a drink related premature death in as many years. It's heartbreaking. Drink can be good for us if taken in moderation, i.e. red wine (although personally I choose not to drink myself despite this). Drink can can also be a curse! Both food and drink in excess can lead to premature death! Perhaps the issue may also include gluttony and a lack of self-control - just a thought.

    W McCallum