Saturday, June 28, 2014

How Love in Action Quells Disagreemnents

A testimony from someone overseas:

I can't thank God enough for the DHT training I've received through JGLM.  I don't know what I'd have done without it today. 

At about 12 pm today, a motorcycle rammed into the back of our car.  Thank God he did it right in front of policemen.  When we went to the police station to report the incident.  He claimed I was the one at fault, but I did not even have to defend myself:  the policeman who escorted us there vehemently declared otherwise.  The policemen at the station advised us to settle the issue between us since there were no serious injuries involved. I offered to forgive the man and repair the damage to our car, but urged him to admit hat he was the one who caused the accident.  This he reluctantly did.

That done, I escorted him to his motorcycle, which, surprisingly, had sustained hardly any damage. He was limping due to a nasty cut and some bumps he had sustained.  I explained that I am a Christian and wanted to pray for his leg.  After apologising profusely for what he'd done, he allowed me to pray, and praise God, all pain left and the bumps disappeared, and the cut looked far less angry.

I shared the gospel with him and gave him a tract.  I then explained what had happened to some para-military police that had been watching us - how God had turned a potentially nasty situation around to demonstrate his love and power.  Each of them accepted a gospel tract. 

Praise God!

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