Saturday, February 16, 2008


I outlined First Peter and came up with this summary. If you would like to see the complete outline read it on my website.


Because of the assurance that salvation brings, let the purposes of God be your purposes letting His love flow to others. Therefore reject the worlds ways and accept God's ways, living blameless before the world and proclaim God's excellences.

Submit to those in authority for Christ submitted unto death and we are called to follow in His steps. As we are to obey authority, wives are to obey their husbands. Husbands; treat your wives with understanding. Submit to authority and do good, not fearing but ready to share your hope in Christ knowing His outcome.

Choose to serve even if it brings suffering, be involved in your ministry. Suffering comes to test you, but His glory rests on you, rejoice and glorify God. Suffer according to God's will, entrust your soul to the creator. Because our brothers are willingly suffering for Christ, serve them with gentleness. Be humble, resist Satan in faith and God will complete you.

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