Saturday, February 23, 2008

Summery of First John

Here is the summary of First John that I came up with. Of course there would be many other ways to summarize but this is my attempt.

Read God's Word to know Him and to live according to what it says. We can't say we have no sin. We should confess our sins and walk in the light. If we sin, Jesus is our advocate. If we love God we will do His will. Walk as Jesus walked and love your brother. Do not consider the fleeting things of the world as being important. God's love leads us to live a righteous life in expectation of Christ's return. Allow the anointing of the Word to lead you in how to love others. Jesus is the answer for our sin. He frees us to love one another. We have assurance that we are from God and as we obey, God answers our prayers. Overcome because Jesus is within us. Those from God confess that Jesus came in the flesh and listen to the Bible. God is love. As we know God we love others. We move into love by confessing; this allows us to abide in Him. The obedience of faith that believes in Jesus brings victory.

If you want to see the whole outline click on this link.

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