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Notes from Don't Pray Without Passion

Notes from Don't Pray Without Passion by Marilyn Sampson

Deep calls to deep. Ps 42:7
Know the mind of God not formulas.

Pray as you hear God's thoughts. Satan is our enemy (John 10:10, 1Pt 5:6-8) but we can head-off tragedy by strategic prayer.

Yield your mind to God's purpose for His will in prayer and action.

Search for the Father's will and follow that John 5:19

We can't anticipate God's thoughts, except by revelation. Isa 55:8,9

Pray God's heart and His will and we will have assurance of an answer 1John 5:14,15
Thy kingdom come, not my kingdom come. Pray to see the kingdom of God increase.
Matt 6:33 Does God answer our needs if we pray or not if we seek the kingdom first? No, we are to pray for our daily bread!
Our seeking first signifies that other needs are second, but not ignored.

What is the Kingdom of God?
1. We lay up treasure there.
2. It is the Father's business Lk 2:49
3. What I am responsible for 2Cor10:13
4. It is the weakness of your brother in Christ.
5. It is what you hear in the spirit.
6. It is praying God's will not our will.

Call forth what God is calling forth.
Rom 4:17 so call forth open doors and opportunities God gives the nations as we ask for them Ps 2:8 We are told to ask, seek and find Luke 11:9,10

How do we grow spiritually?
1. Consecrated, committed and regular prayer.
2. The light of revelation feeds your spirit.Eph 1:17
3. Giving to others

Cry out to God the way Mary did in Luke 1:38 Let it be done to me according to Your Word.!

Prophecy can cause spiritual growth
Resistance - means promotion and increase are coming.

Our weapons are prayer and spiritual authority.
Isa 54:17 No weapon formed against you will prosper. But we need to know what is coming against us.
Our armour is useless if we don't know how to use it.
Praying in the spirit is part of the armour. (mine we have the mind of Christ as we pray in the spirit to know how to use the armour)
Counter plan any plan,the enemy has devised.
Run not without aim, fight not as beating the air. 1Cor9:26

Pray in preparation against the spirits that would hinder a meeting or ministry. Better results come when people are expecting and ready to receive from God.

Don't harden your heart against the Lord Heb 4
the Lord speaks through the fruitful vine. You are fruitful when you have paid the price to know God. What keeps us from knowing God is self satisfaction and distractions.

God's voice is quiet
2 Have an attitude of expectation
3 God gives simple answers to specific requests.

God speaks to the heart not the brain
God speaks specificly

Record the directions each day from the Lord

How does God speak to us?
Thoughts and impressions
Hearing a word in your spirit
Pictures and visions
Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom

Growth comes from hearing.
[Matt 4:4 Man will live by bread in the physical and God's word in the spiritual. If we don't hear we aren't living.
In the physical if we aren't functioning correctly we stop eat and go to the doctor if needed. It should be the same in the spirit. If we are not hearing from God we need to stop and get it corrected.
Prayer is the vital link of Christian life. Bible study is so we can relate to God and man correctly. Prayer is to empower our relating.]
(end mine)
Don't give place to the devil.___
Pray for strength in your weak areas. "For the ruler of this world is coming and he has no place in me. John 14:30
Worry will give place to the devil, so all worry should be prayed over.

Notes on Thankfulness
Decentralizes self.
Develops humility.
Preserves mental health.
Brings release to your inner man.
- Is like medicine - it edifies the soul. .
Means a thankful heart, which is a healthy heart.
7. Enables you to focus on Kingdom motives.
. Helps you maintain reverence (keeps the things of the Spirit from becoming common).
. Helps you become 'airborne' rising above obstacles. Goes a long way - all the way to the Throne.
Thankfulness and expectation are the keys that unlock the warehouse of heaven and open the way for God to speak to •s. When God talks, awesome things always occur. Live with expectation. Pray with expectation. Listen with expectation.

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