Sunday, January 29, 2012

Believe, then You Can See

Proverbs 4:21 Let not God's word depart from your sight.

Now this is interesting. If it was up to me I would write let not God's word depart from your thoughts. But it wasn't written that way. It says let God's word not depart from your sight. What's the difference? Well we are not just to think of what it says but to see the results of what it says. Or envision the results of what it says.

Matt 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit because theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Yet if you look with your eyes in many cases there is no indication that God is moving in power in your life. But if we unite Proverbs 4:21  With Matt 5:3 we have a man that is poor in spirit with the kingdom of God.

He needs the kingdom of God. But is not experiencing anything at present in the physical. But if he cries out to God and believes in God, (by the way he has no choice but to believe in God, because he is poor), it will be granted to him. Mark 11:24

There is an old saying that says seeing is believing. Well that is backwards. It is the believing that alows us to see. If we keep our eyes on the Word of God and the promises instead of our problem we will see the answer to our problem in the spirit and then in the physical.

Or we can be like Shadrack, Meschack and Abendego, who said if God does not come through we will still obey God. To be poor in spirit is to live for Jesus no matter what the cost. Not because we don't care but because we are looking to Jesus and not to ourselves. To truly be poor means there is no choice but to trust God.

Look to the word and Jesus is the word. Look to what He said and take Him at His word. Trust Him to keep His word. Believe Him that He is worthy to be trusted. If we live we are the Lords and if we die we are the Lords. Romans 14:8 If you are poor you have nothing to lose.

We can't live for Jesus if we are not poor. I'm not saying you can't live for Jesus if you have money. I am saying we live for Jesus when our ability is nothing and we rely on Jesus and His word. And we have nothing to lose. Walk with our eyes on the Word of God and not our ability. If we have something we can look to ourself. But if we have nothing we can only look to Jesus.

Is Jesus a man of His word? Most woud say yes but act as if He wasn't. You got to be real if you want to get anywhere.

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