Friday, May 3, 2013

Sower and the Seed: Rocky Soil

Rocky soil represents no ability to stick with what you start out to do. A seed sown on rocky soil will spring up before it has enough roots.

In a forest there are areas called glades. Glades are places of rocky soil. The trees that grow there are of poor quality and do not amount to anything. This is because rocky soil does not allow roots to acquire water. Water enables plants to cool in the heat as well as grow. Roots signify in the spirit the ability to withstand the problems of life we face day to day.

Love is what enables us to go through the hard times. How do we get this love. It is by allowing roots to grow in our life to get to the water of the Word of God.

A person that has rocky soil can be excited about the new life in Christ. They can sing and rejoice. But the test is when they go through trials. Will they turn to God in the trial, or will they give up.

When a person gives up it is because they did not prepare their heart to withstand trials of life.

Rocky soil can represent unforgiveness instead of love. It can represent a life dedicated to self instead of a life of self denial and taking up the cross of Christ. It can be a shallow life of not considering the teachings of Jesus. It is a life lived with no love for others.

Rocky soil people believe when it feels good, but fall away when their feelings go against them. They are living by feelings and not by faith. They do not lay down roots of faith and love in God and for others. A shallow life, a selfish life and a life of being unprepared.

Rocky soil people can't endure persecution because of the Word of God. They are trying to please themselves instead of God.

On the rocky soil we plow up the rocks and get down to deep soil by deciding to love others. Love is not an adjective it is a verb. It is not a feeling its action or decision. Decide to love others by helping them in ways you are led.

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