Monday, January 12, 2009

What do I use to Buy from God?

Rev 3:18 Buy gold from God.

What do I have to offer God? What may I use to purchase gold, clothes and eye slave from Him?

My life consists of time, money people, and talents.
Keep in mind that even when I have an abundance my life does not consist of possessions. Luke 12:15
What do I have that God wants? God wants my heart. If He has that, He will have my attention, service, obedience, prayers. possessions, repentant heart and a life of following Jesus.

So the short answer of what currency I use to buy from God, is to give Him my heart. The currency of God's kingdom is love.

How do I give Jesus my heart in love? Salvation is the short answer. But salvation is not just a confession but a life. Eternal life starts at salvation. Life is more than birth. To live in this salvation is to live in the eternal life, which God has for me.

In buying from God I must learn not only ask God to meet my needs but also come to Him willingly to serve as He directs. As I come to Him, I will receive direction which brings faith to my spirit. Faith is the means by which I am able to please God. Faith comes from a relationship with Him. Faith alone is not enough. Faith united with love for God will be effective in God's kingdom.

I have struggled in obeying God's direction. It sometimes means I need to cut things out of my life to give room for what God wants me to do. If I have been purchased by God. (Jesus purchased me with His own blood. Acts 20:28) I am not my own. So to live in reality and not rebellion is to submit to God and do what He has prepared for me. I am coming to understand life in the spirit, is not as a duty, but a life lived in love to Jesus.

Part of my work is to believe. Part of my work is to love. Part of my work is to pray. Part of my work is to act in faith.
Live for the purpose of Jesus and not mine. Follow Jesus. Is it what He did or what He said and says? I think its all three. I am to follow the example of those who go before me, that produce a Godly outcome. I should follow Jesus both in what He has written and what He guides by the Holy Spirit. And His life style. I should consider it by the direction of the Holy Sprint.

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