Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eye Salve

Revelation 3:18
Buy from Me eye salve to anoint your eyes that you may see.

Eph 1:18 I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened.

Enlightenment is our understanding but this verse is talking more than that, it's referring to revelation. Because its not just in our mind but in our heart.

We make life decisions with our hearts desire not from our intellect. So our enlightened understanding of our heart will allow us to make spiritual decisions. This is why we need to see with our heart not just with our mind.

We can be knocked off of our purpose if what we are doing something from only our mind. But we can't be knocked off our purpose, if it is coming from the heart.

We love with our heart. And love is able to go through trials to gain the prize. 1 Cor 13 When our hearts enlightened we are moving in love. When our hearts enlightened according to the hope of God's calling we are moving in power in the right direction.

The power comes as we move in love with sight (knowledge in our heart), according to the will of God for us. Why? Because faith works through love.

There is power in faith apart from the love of Christ. And it is according to God's general will. It may not be what God would have us do at that time. When faith and love are together, they are effective for the advancement of the kingdom.

Faith without love:
1 Cor 13
Matt 7:22,23
Matt 25:41-45

Our hearts are sensitive and can only be committed to one basic purpose at a time. "Can't serve God and money"
We either have our mind on the flesh or the Spirit.

Riches from a spiritual awareness are based on a commitment to Christ that transcends our personal peace and affluence. When we seek personal peace and affluence above reaching out to others we negate the spirit. We have set the mind of the flesh above the purposes of God. Or to put it another way, our personal peace and affluence is more important than pleasing God.

When we put our mind on the spirit, we invite by default not on purpose, opposition from man and our spiritual enemy Satan because we are moving to gain and bear fruit for Jesus. We enter a struggle for the minds and hearts of the souls of men. We are able to have power with others as we powerfully use faith and love to teach and encourage

Peace of God comes from the trails the world throws at us when we are saturated in the Word of God and the love for God.

Peace without trials in the world is being naive.

The people in Habakkuk's day had peace because they were naive. Habakkuk had peace because of his love and trust for God.

Devastation was coming and the people were blasted out of their naive understanding of life, when the Chadians marched through the land.

Habakkuk's life was on the rock but the people had built their life on the sand. Matt. 7:24-27

Here are some Scriptures dealing with spiritual eyes.
Acts 26:18 open eyes to turn from darkness to light
darkness – light
dominion of Satan – God
light of God brings salvation
Light of God brings inheritance.

Isaiah 35:5 help others to see by encouragement
Isaiah 42:7 called, hold, appoint to open eyes
Isaiah 42:16 lead the blind
Eph 5:8 walk in the light
Col 1:13 in kingdom of light.
1 Pt 2:9 chosen, priest, holy, not our own, proclaim light.

Our inheritance is involved in moving in what God has called us to Eph 2:10
We buy eye salve for our hearts eyes, by humbling ourselves to yield to God's will. Having a willingness to respond to God and not hold onto our personal peace and affluence. This eye salve gives us a willingness to accept and believe God's word.

With Eye salve we choose to follow Jesus over our personal peace and affluence.
We choose the spirit over the flesh.

Our hard heart is softened as we yield to Jesus and accept His yoke Matt 11:28-30 We put off our desires I.E. take up our cross of purpose and obedience. Choosing to follow Christ instead of the pleasures of the world.

Some would still question this acceptance of hardship. Let me give you an example which may help you understand the purpose of trials in a Christians life.

Example of the bicycle
In riding a bicycle I need to eat to have the fuel to ride. But eating by itself is not enough. Eating gives me the fuel to burn. But I gain strength by riding not by eating. It is the same with our eyes of our heart. Understanding is the fuel and serving from our heart is the riding. We need understanding and obedience of service to gain strength.
Riding is love with power and food is the fuel of knowledge.

Serving brings hardship. Any work will have opposition. God wants us to serve Him with in the midst of trials, with rejoicing this is where the power lies.

Let us not just understand what is God's will let us serve with love

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