Monday, February 16, 2009

Spiritual Revelation

Revelation of who Jesus is, was, will be.
Does spiritual strength come by knowledge or by revelation?

Knowing what it says vs. believing what it says. The parable of the treasure in a field. Matthew 13:44 It is not what we know intellectually that matters or will change you or others. It is what you experience. It is what you can testify to.

Are we willing to buy the field where the treasure is? It will cost but if you know for a fact there was treasure in a field you would sell all you had to get that field.

Christianity is not understanding but action. Are we willing to act? It will cost but O the preciousness of the purchase.

Are we willing to pay the price for the treasurer? Or do we just like to teach talk and know about the treasurer?

If you believe you won't be troubled about it but will trust it.

There is no doubt when there is revelation. Revelation is the assurance of the truth of God. It comes from the Spirit. Knowledge is understanding in our mind. Revelation is understanding in our heart. What we know in our mind will not withstand the testing of life. What we know in our heart will withstand tests. God wants to find out what is in our heart that is why He tests us.

Works of wood hay and stubble are head knowledge and will be burned by the tests of fire. Works that are of gold, silver and bronze can withstand the tests of fire.

Purifying fire will cause us to grow in the Spirit allowing us to do things for God. Satan is trying to knock us off course and will be able to as we rely on what we know in our mind. When we move into a deeper understanding of the things of God by revelation we are not knocked off or our purpose because it is in our heart.

Jesus and the Father will come to us as we learn to live from our heart and not our mind. Revelation 3:14-22 is the letter to Laodicea. It is a letter of a call to repentance. It is a repentance of self sufficiency and reliance on life from God by purging our hearts by fire. We can buy spiritual things resulting from this purging. After we go through this Jesus comes to us and asks to fellowship with us. When we have this fellowship we are able to walk according to the will of God and not follow our fleshly desires.

Our fleshly desires have a pull on our mind and it is only as we set our mind on the Spirit will we be able to walk in the Spirit.

The lack of peace with the knowledge means there is no revelation. What do we do?

Don't ignore the doubt. If there is troubling in your heart. If there is doubt then deal with it.

Do we doubt the treasure is worth the cost? Don't ignore that. Pray over it and ponder the promises that God has given to us.

Phil 4:6-9 Pray; gain a place of peace. Then focus on what
god has promised and not fear. Dwell on the things of God.

what you have learned.
what you have received.
what you have heard.
what you have seen.

Consider the lets throughout the Bible.
John 14:1 Let not your heart be troubled. Believe in the Father and Jesus.

John 14:26,27 Let not your heart be troubled.
Don't allow trouble to enter you heart. Fill it with the word of God.

PS 68:11 Let God arise.
How do we let Him arise?
V4 Build a highway of praise; confession and prayer and expectation.

Concentration, deep thought, introspection, pondering, quiet time, reflection, rumination, self-examination, meditation. This is what is needed to gain revelation from God. It is what gives assurance of the promises of God.

Live in expectation of the moving of God. Zeph 1:12


  1. Thanks,

    There is a lot more in my head then in my heart. I want to take time to humble myself before God giving Him opportunity to impart this knowledge to my heart.