Friday, April 24, 2009

Let My Light Shine

Let my light shine Lk 12:35

We are to be lights for Jesus. But we can't shine if we don't have contact with our Lord Jesus Christ,

How do we shine?

Do works before men that they can see your good works. The key is to have light to shine. Our heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. A yieldness to Christ will prepare our heart to give up our self will and willingness to follow as Jesus leads.

Praise in the midst of trials is a light that shines. Because we then are not self centered but Christ centered.

A yieldness to prayer is a light. Why?

Because it says we are not adequate in yourself to have anything come from ourself. Prayer states that we are dependent on Jesus.

Our light shines if we can speak the word to people in a timely situation.

Our light shines as we represent Christ. If we represent ourself we only give out darkness.

When we love others we are giving out light. if we don't love others we have no light to give.

When there is light darkness leaves. To shine the light of Christ is to show love to others. Faith operates through love. God gives us faith to love others.

Yield your heart to Christ to love others. As your heart is cleansed you will be able to love and then you will be able to shine light.

Be directed by love. If there is no love go back to Jesus and wait before Him and receive love for others. Then go in faith to shine forth the light, love, faith from Jesus.

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