Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rejoice Always #2

I was thinking, why is God good?

Is it because I have a wife and kids with a job, house, car, health, good hobbies, and extended family with investments and savings?

How would a Christian who was persecuted for his faith say God is good? He would not have said what I said above. Nothing of this world would have a hold on him. But a vibrant Christian who had been persecuted for his faith would still say, God is good. Why?

God is good because of the benefits of eternal life. We have the hope of eternal life. We have the joy of salvation. We have peace in our hearts. We have the direction of the Holy Spirit. We have fellowship with the believers. We have the purpose of life to live by faith. We have the excitement of serving God and seeing Him work. We have the peace that comes from the Word of God. Our sins have been forgiven. We are friends with God. We have the expectation of what will He do next.

God is good. Psalm 136 - His lovingkindness is everlasting.

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