Saturday, December 13, 2014

Being With Jesus

It is with Jesus that we freely receive all things Romans 8:32 When it talks of freely you have received freely give in Matthew 10:8 we freely receive when we are with Jesus.

What does it mean to be with Jesus? Acts 4:13 talks of the Israeli leaders understanding the apostles had been with Jesus. It was the confidence of their ministry that amazed the leaders. Confidence is an expression of faith. Hebrews 11:1 says there is assurance when there is faith. With assurance there is confidence. When you are confident there is no worry. Being with Jesus takes away the worry.

John 14:1 “Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God believe also in Me.” Belief is a way to be with Jesus. So let us believe. Not only a acknowledge the existence of Jesus as the Messiah. Not only an understanding of what He did for us on the cross. Not only a statement that we will follow Him. Not only a commitment to worship Him on Sunday morning. It is also a desire to sit down and be quiet with Him for devotions. A being with Him in devotions. Having a quiet time to listen and learn from Him. Then walking in confidence of what you have been shown by God in that quiet place of restful hearing from God.

Romans 8:17 shows insight to be with Jesus. It starts out by making a conditional promise.

If we are children of God. Have we become children of God? Are you confident of your salvation. I work in a ministry of seniors. Sometimes they don't express their lack of confidence until the very end. It takes a shaking for us to face reality at times. The shaking of our lives is the testing of our lives. Don't wait to be tested. Get right with God now. At life's end, you may be drugged up so much you won't be able to make a decision for Christ.

Be quiet before Him and let Jesus speak to you. As you hear Him there is life. Some are so involved with the moment, radio playing, or the TV going that the mind is being baby sat and not operating. Our mind allows us to grow in Christ. But if it is always busy with the internet, TV, movies, sports, shopping, music and silly talk, drugs and alcohol, then there is not opportunity to grow.

We are heirs of the bountiful promises of God IF and this is a big IF, if indeed we suffer with Christ. People are so adverse to suffering that all the things we add to our life to drown out the reality keeps us from growing in Christ. These things stunt our growth and we become chronically immature.

We can't minister in faith with confidence if we are not spending time with Jesus to hear from Him. It is as we hear from Him that we have the word of faith. Romans 10:8 Our faith springs from the Word of God. There can't be faith springing from the word of God if we are consumed with the cares of the world. Ask yourself, how much time are you spending on the Bible, prayer and listening to the Spirit? Are you honestly so busy with the cares of this world drowning out your ability to listen, that growth is stunted?

Before they perfected electronic speakers, I remember seeing teenagers walking down the sidewalk with a large radio on their shoulder listening to music. I see that today in the spirit. People have got something in their ear, they have their smart phone to look at with any spare time. This is an expression of not being at peace with themselves. They need outside influence to maintain.

Spend time with Jesus You won't regret it.

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