Monday, December 15, 2014

Eyes of Your Heart

Ephesians 1:18
"I pray that the eyes of your heart my be enlightened,....."

When we pray that our heart may be enlightened we are praying for understanding in our spirit, understanding with belief and faith. But what is the eyes of our heart? How is that different?

The eyes of the heart is seeing in the spirit realm. I am not talking of vision but to imagine what is said in the spirit, (what is said in the Bible), is coming to pass in our life and ministry. John 6:63 says that the words Jesus said are spirit and they are life. When we read the Bible we are reading about life in the spirit. These teachings and promises are for us today that walk with Jesus and believe in Him. 2 Cor 1:20

In Psalm 123:1 the Psalmist is lifting up his eyes to God. Where is God? Can you see God in the overcast sky? Do we see Him above the trees in the clouds? No, when it says I lift up my eyes we are to imagine seeing God. This is seeing God with our spirit. I do this each time I have devotions.

Psalm 123:2 our eyes look to the Lord. Again it is seeing with our imagination. But this is not idle play. God is there in the spirit. God is not an idea of righteousness. God is with us in our hearts, John 14:23,26 God is with us as we go about our day, Heb 13:5 When we see God in our imagination we are seeing with our imagine the reality of the spirit. How can we know this is truth and not a game? By the word of God. We are simply imagining what the Bible says is true.

This looking into the spirit (the looking into the spirit being, Bible teachings Jn 6:63) is a way of encouragement, reminder, and hope for what is promised.

Psalm 130:1 Out of the depths I have cried to you. The psalmist is crying from an emotion of hurt. Then in verses Psalm 130:5-8 he waits for redemption. This can be seeing in the spirit of God bring the answer.

What helps me to see in the spirit is to rejoice in God and what He has promised. That way, I am worshiping Him and seeing the answer come from Him.

Jesus did this during the crucifixion. Hebrews 12:1,2 He fixed His eyes on the joy in the future of the victory that was won after the resurrection. We are to do the same thing. Fix our eyes on Jesus as we walk in the spirit by faith knowing the victory is ours. Romans 8:37-39.

Isaiah 49:12 starts with the word behold. Some commentators say that is just getting peoples attention. But the meaning of the word in Hebrew is: lo which could be drawing attention to but also to see. then in verse 18 behold is used again but a different Hebrew word. Which is to see literally or figuratively.  Then in Isaiah 49:22 it says, “....Behold I will lift up my hand to the nations. God is telling us to look at what He is going to do.

Looking at what God promised is a solidifying of our hope which faith is built on. Faith is built on hope. Let us build our faith by looking in the spirit at what God has promised to us. Live in expectation of the answer to your life.

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