Saturday, December 27, 2014

Live With Freedom and Responsibility

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The forboding canopy of Honey Locust

 In Romans 8:1 there is no condemnation. We are free from the repercussions of sin. In Romans 8:13 if we live according to the flesh we must die. What is it, are we free from condemnation or not? There is a tension here. Here is how I see it. When we are in  a repentant mode there is the assurance of no condemnation. When we are in the freedom mode there is the requirement of living according to the spirit.  It is like a teeter toter. If we focus on repentance there is freedom, if we focus on freedom there is responsibility. “Security without responsibility breeds passivity, but responsibility without security leads to anxiety.”  Douglas J. Moo Romans NIV Commentary p258

You can't focus on no condemnation and live without responsibility. And you can't focus on  repentance and live without freedom. Living with no condemnation and freedom without responsibility breeds a life unprofitable. Living with responsibility with no freedom brings a person to a legalistic life which also breeds a life unprofitable.

Let us live with freedom and responsibility which will bring profit to God, ourselves and others.

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