Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Encouragement: Key to Spiritual Growth

Encouragement is key to spiritual growth. We are encouraged by the promises in the Bible. We are encouraged by the love God has shown for us by Jesus' death and the resurrection life. We are encouraged by the word of God and how it changes our life by becoming part of us. We are encouraged by the Holy Spirit as He brings the word real to us. We are encouraged by the hand of God as He leads us and protects us day by day. We are encouraged as we gather together with other believers and share how life is happening with us. We are encourage as Jesus is with us. The Scriptures encourage us. People with their testimonies of God working in their lives encourage us.

Have you ever been working and the motor of your equipment breaks down? Work stops and the hope of advancement, the hope of finances stops. Then when the equipment is started, when the equipment is fixed and starts again, the hope is restored. The power of being able to work encourages.

When we share of God's power in our lives we encourage others that God will move in their lives also.

Isa 35:4,5,6  This passage shows that speaking to the needy brings healing and deliverance.

Isaiah 49:9 speaking to the captives, prisoners those who are bond, will give them freedom.

V10 he who has compassion will feed them. It is the courage of speaking the promise and having compassion on the bound that will free them to feed and have abundant waters.

Then in verse 12 it says to behold. To look into the future with the eyes of your heart. In Ephesians 1:18 Paul prays that the eyes of our understanding will be enlightened. Why pray for the eyes to be understanding instead of just the understanding to be enlightened? It is because the ability to see in the spirit will work for the answer to come. In Isaiah 62:6,7  the watchman are reminding the Lord of the promise. They are seeing the answer coming form he Lord, waiting for it.

There is a time to see. A time to wait. A time to speak and a time to reap.

If we are about the Lord's business and are bring the people to the good waters and good pastures of the word of God. What are we to do before?

Encouragement comes after the time of seeing the answer and reminding the Lord and declaring the promises to the heavens. Eph 3:9

How are the encouragers encouraged? They are encouraged by waiting on God and meditating on the promises of God which allows them to see the answer in the spirit. Then they declare it to others to encourage them.

To preach the gospel, the good news from God and of God, comes from living the gospel and abiding in the gospel. Then we can proclaim the gospel.

Live the gospel. Abide in the gospel, then we can preach the gospel, the good news from God.

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